The Pull List: 11/25/2015

Buzz-worthy books of the week


All-New Wolverine #2

X-23 is definitely a worthy successor to Wolverine and with the reveal at the end of the first issue, she’ll have just as many personal demons as Logan. And she teams up with young Angel.


Archie #4

Dilton and Moose get the spotlight (but not the cover) in this issue of new Archie.


The Dark Knight III: The Master Race #1

I am not a fan of Frank Miller’s Batman, but I know plenty of people are. So finally here is his third chapter in the Dark Knight Returns future after blowing it with “Holy Terror.”


Fight Club 2 #7

So it turns out Sebastian (the narrator) has been turned into Tyler Durden by his new psychiatrist with hypnosis. The doctor is now working with Sebastian to pose as Tyler and take down his little cult once and for all. Except the doctor might be a biger threat than Tyler if you could believe it.


Jacked #1

Eric Kripke (creator of the TV series, Supernatural) is turning to comics to tell a story about a middle-aged man who buys a pill to help him focus and ends up giving him incredible stength. Seems a little like Bradley Cooper’s Limitless, but I like Supernatural especially the Kripke years.


Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur #1

A preteen super genius inhuman teams up with a red time-travelling dinosaur. I’m just happy I get to write that sentence.


Ringside #1

An ensemble drama that takes place in the world of wrestling. This could be interesting.


Saga #31

Saga comes back from break (finally) with another time jump. How have the years treated our space-faring family?