The Pull List: 12/16/2015

Buzz-worthy books of the week


All-New X-Men #2

This book is off to a seriously good start, which is a good thing because I didn’t care for Extraordinary X-Men much. They definitely want that to be the X-flagship too. Anyway, a lot seems to have happened in the Marvel universe that they aren’t quite telling us yet. Where’s Thor? Where’s Hulk? Where’s the Richards? And where is present day Scott Summers? He’s on the cover, but he also did something to influence a new group of mutant terrorists. And young Cyclops is really pissed about it.


Huck #2

The first issue was really cool an very un-Millar-like. In my opinion, that’s a good thing. Millar always seems to indulge in crazy shit just for the sake of indulgence. This is a full turn around for him with a genuinely, sincerely good person who happens to be superhumanly strong.


Klaus #2

I really dug the first issue. Morrison is playing it cool retelling the Santa myth. He is not getting too weird with it like he has been criticized for in the past with his Batman work even though the pagan background could probably be rife with weirdness. He’s portraying Santa as a damn Game of Thrones hero, and it is pretty cool.


Lucifer #1

I suppose we should have seen this coming. Lucifer, at least the version originating in “Sandman” and once had his own title, is getting another title leading up to his live-action TV debut. The series sounds pretty intense. It starts with God dead, and Lucifer teaming up with his brother, Gabriel, to find the real killer.


Squadron Supreme #1

More outcasts from the dead worlds coming to the regular MCU. Each member of this Squadron is from a different version, and they are coming together to give Namor a lesson for destroying their worlds.


Starbrand and Nightmask #1

These two character are former “New Universe” characters reimagined for Jonathan Hickman’s Avengers run. Except, I don’t remember them getting a lot of action or backstory or development, which is too bad. Hopefully, this will be better, and maybe even open the door to more New Universe characters to enter the MCU.


We Are Robin #7

I fell off this book, but I’ll be checking it out for the on-going Robin War story arc. This is part 4, and Jason and Tim are pitted against each other by the Court of Owls.