The Pull List: 3/2/2016

Buzz-worthy books of the week


Avenger Standoff: Assault on Pleasant Hill Alpha #1

Not sure what they are thinking with all of these silly run-on titles, but the previous “Standoff” book was kind of interesting. I am keeping my fingers crossed this event actually pulls through. Definitely check out the previous one, it involves a little Twin Peaks type town that turns out to be a prison for brain-washed supervillains run by Maria Hill and Dr. Erik Selvig, Stellan Skarsgard’s character from the Thor movies.

Black Widow

Black Widow #1

Black Widow is getting a chance at her own series again. I kind of liked the last one. She’s on the SHIELD chopping block and on the run. I think the “Daredevil” team of Mark Waid and Chris Sanmee are the guys to get her right.


Deadpool #8

Deadpool vs Sabretooth. Deadpool found out Sabretooth killed his parents. Sabretooth has been fighting on the side of the angels nowadays though. Guessing that is going to be a problem.


Joe Golem Occult Detective #5

This is the conclusion to this very cool supernatural noir. Lots of attitude and great dialog mixed with cool flashbacks to the old witchhunter days have made this book really memorable.


Sheriff of Babylon #4

Another noir, this one taking place in Baghdad 2003, teams up an American contractor hired to train a new Iraqi police force with the last detective in Baghdad to solve the death of one of the police trainees bring them to blows with an American-educated woman who returned home to take over the criminal underworld. Incredibly dense, thrilling, and influenced by writer Tom King’s own experience with the CIA. Read! This! Book!