The Pull List: 3/9/2016

Buzz-worthy books of the week


Batman and Robin Eternal #23

It is the beginning of the end. #26 will be the final issue of this limited run, and Midnighter is joining the fray as the boys finally bring the fight right to Mother.


Disney Princesses #1

Disney’s most beloved characters are getting an anthology of comic strips.


Haunted Mansion #1

Marvel is delivering more of the “Disney Kingdom” brand with a series based on the Haunted Mansion attraction. 999 ghosts call it home, and they are looking for the 1000th.


Mockingbird #1

Marvel says it was in demand in their solicit, so Mockingbird is getting her own title. Between her appearance on the “Agents of SHIELD” tv series and Spider-Man’s solo title, I can see how she got so popular.


Uncanny Avengers #7

I really dug the last issue which saw Deadpool and Quicksilver teaming up to help the current residents of the former Avengers mansion. Duggan’s portrayal of Deadpool is on point, and he had some particularly awesome banter with Pietro. But now the group is getting involved in the Standoff crossover.