Casting Call: Punisher Supporting Characters

The Punisher has made his debut in the MCU as a supporting player in Daredevil’s Netflix series. Jon Bernthal made the kind of first impression that had fans immediately clamoring for a spin-off. Hell, people were clamoring for a spin-off before the show even started. Here are some ideas on who might be joining him, if it ever takes place.


Microchip – Rainn Wilson

Microchip is obviously the first character to come to mind when talking about the Punisher. He is Frank’s tech support and arms dealer, a gopher so to speak. He goes for this, he goes for that, usually with a bitter and/or sarcastic remark. Rainn Wilson’s obviously got the comedy chops to help him deliver the character from the US version of  “The Office” but also as the title character on the short lived, “Backstrom.” Not to mention his put-upon schlub characters from indie dramas which help create Micro’s Foggy Nelson meets Q (from James Bond) identity.


Jigsaw – Vincent Piazza

Jigsaw is Punsiher’s go to bad guy. His Green Goblin. His Joker. He was a once handsome gangster who is out for revenge after Frank messed up his face something fierce. Piazza’s shark-like gangster from “Boardwalk Empire” was always stuffing his anger down because he was never the guy in charge. I want to see Piazza just completely lose it.


G. W. Bridge – Laurence Fishburne

George Washington Bridge was a SHIELD agent who had  few memorable run ins with the Punisher. SHIELD is long gone, but Bridge could still be a cop on the streets of NY looking into Frank. Fishburne would kick ass in the role. It would be sort of similar to his role in the “Hannibal” TV series but with less flash. His FBI agent in “Hannibal” was incredibly buttoned up and pretension. Bridge always seemed a little more laid-back with an attitude problem.


Martin Soap – Steve Zahn

Soap is a dopey NY detective working on an anti-Punsiher task force, but in reality, he is actually helping Frank out. I love the way Dash Mihok played him in Punisher: War Zone, and I tried thinking of an actor who could give a similar performance. Steve Zahn is a brilliant comic relief player in things that aren’t strightforward comedies. He finds the humor in anger and frustration which allow him to still be in the moment without ruining it.


The Russian – Petr Jakl

The Russian was a big mute dude sent to kill Frank. He had a real Frankenstein thing going on. Petr Jakl is a little prettier than The Russian is usually drawn. He is tall though. And muscular. And Eastern European. You might recognize him from Vin Diesel’s XXX. He just needs to show up and beat the crap out of Frank.


Hate-Monger – Ryan Hurst

The version of Hate-Monger that I liked was a racist skinhead who decided to pervert Captain America’s image after Cap’s death post-Civil War. Being a veteran in the Marvel universe, Frank has a deep appreciation for Cap and doesn’t take too kindly to Hate-Monger’s slight. It is a nice way to sort of open the world up a little bit and recognize the other corners without literally having a crossover. Hurst is a big burly dude who just looks menacing, even when he is trying to look chummy. I could see him really sell the intensity.