EXCLUSIVE! Cover Reveal For New Thriller “Kubrick’s Game” By Derek Taylor Kent!



Sometimes things are just destiny.

Not Hodor “Hold the door!” destiny, but destiny nonetheless.  The other day GFunk forwarded me an email from author Derek Taylor Kent.  He’s a huge fan of the site and for the first time ever I was offered the chance to do an authentic cover reveal for his upcoming novel Kubrick’s Game.  In a decidedly cosmic coincidence I just happened to be watching Stanley Kubrick’s classic  A Clockwork Orange at the time.

Like I said–destiny.

The result is the impressive cover you see above from Mr. Kent.  More important however is what lies beyond the cover…

Stanley Kubrick is one of the most legendary directors in the history of cinema. Spartacus2001The Shining–these are classics that any astute cinefile knows.  But what if this wasn’t Stanley Kubrick’s only legacy?  What if he left behind something even more important? This is the question author Derek Taylor Kent attempts to answer in the novel Kubrick’s Game.


Combing the intrigue and excitement of Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code with Ernest Cline’s Ready Player One, Kent’s novel follows the story of Shawn Hagan, a college student obsessed with the works of Stanley Kubrick.  When Hagan begins to discover hidden clues within Kubrick’s films, it leads him on a quest toward a mysterious treasure Kubrick left behind.  But Hagan isn’t the only one on the hunt.  Other groups with ill intent are bent on acquiring the treasure as well.  Shawn’s only hope is to find Kubrick’s treasure first because in the wrong hands…”It has the power to change the course of history.”


Kubrick’s Game offers mind-blowing revelations about Stanley Kubrick’s works:  The true meaning of CRM-114, the purpose behind the HAL-IBM “Caesar Shift,” and a definitive explanation of the strange words spoken to the robot David in A.I.  Based on years of painstaking research, Derek Taylor Kent’s novel promises mind-blowing discoveries for the avid film nerd.


Forget your thousand piece cardboard images of Groot, Kent consulted puzzle masters Bob Glouberman and Larry Toffler, co-founders of the The Fantastic Race, a company that creates massive scavenger hunts in cities throughout the world.  In addition to tens of thousands participating yearly, Glouberman and Toffler have created numerous puzzles for film and television and established The Virus, a famous escape room in Burbank, CA.


Derek Taylor Kent is an author in multiple genres.  His award-winning  series, Scary School  (written under the pseudonym Derek the Ghost), earned him a three book deal with Harper Collins.  His recent screenplay Cupids was optioned by Liberty Films, the innovative company behind such movies as Moon and Source Code.

Kent’s bilingual picture book, El Perro Con Sombrero, was released through Holt-Macmillan last year.  He’s represented by Eric Myers at Dystel and Goderich.  Derek is currently penning several screenplays.  To learn more about Derek Taylor Kent visit his website at www.DerekTaylorKent.com.


Kubrick’s Game, from Evolved Publishing, will be available everywhere in print, audio book, and ebook on September 26, 2016.

So there you have it!  If you liked Ready Player OneKubrick’s Game will probably be right in your wheelhouse.  Mr. Kent has also generously offered me an advance copy a few months early to review!  Look for my review of Kubrick’s Game debuting sometime this July.

“You see something’s going to happen.”

“What?  What’s going to happen?”

“Something wonderful.”

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Note From G-Funk: This is not a paid or sponsored post. It’s here because we think it looks neat.