The Pull List: 6/1/2016

Buzz-worthy books of the week


Batman Rebirth #1

Ok! So the DC craziness begins. Let’s put that aside though. Tom King, former intelligence officer, who kicked ass on Grayson and has one of the best new books with Sheriff of Babylon, is taking over for Scott Snyder. I’m sure he is going to make just as cool an impact as Snyder.


Control #1

Dynamite has sort of made a niche for themselves by licensing a lot of different properties to adapt into comics. Control seems like their first truly original book in awhile. At least, I think it is original. It is about a Washington, DC detective who burned enough bridges that she is now the perfect scapegoat for a homicide that threatens to uncover a big conspiracy.


Goddamned #4

I can’t get enough of this book. It is grotesque but in a mesmerizing way, and it seeks to further mythologize the world before Noah’s flood, which is something I am a sucker for, any story that seeks to streamline or subvert Biblical tales.


Green Arrow Rebirth #1

Green Arrow and Black Canary are back together with Rebirth. Arrow is one of the books that I didn’t really care for when it started (during New 52 that is) or now, but there was that moment when Lemire made it one of DC’s coolest books.


Old Man Logan #7

Logan has been living peacefully in a quiet town in the North watching over the young girl who in his timeline would grow up to be his wife. Lemire and Sorrentino make good work of abstract action-oriented storytelling, and the Reavers make for a really great villain. Maybe they are getting us ready for Jackman’s next outing.


Punisher #2

Yes! This is what it is all about! Punisher, as a bad guy. Punisher, dealing with the consequences of his actions. That is a Punisher I can be a fan of.