The Pull List: 6/15/2016

Buzz-worthy books of the week


Batman #1

I guess those “Rebirth” issues were one offs. So here it the legit start to Tom King’s era of Batman. He faces off against some unusual foes this time. They are heroes who believe Batman to be the villain. How will Bat respond to that?

Black Widow

Black Widow #4

Black Widow has been great so far. It is moving really fast and diving into Widow’s past in an interesting way.


Civil War II #2

The first issue was surprisingly good. I’m honestly getting sick of the constant events, but this new Civil War started off with much more personal stakes.


Green Lanterns #1

New Lanterns, Simon Baz and Jessic Cruz, take on the Red Lanterns.


Klaus #6

It is Klaus vs Krampus in the finale showdown to Grant Morrison’s retelling of the Santa Claus myth.


Oh Hell #2

Oh Hell was a graphic novel about a boarding school that was located in Hell, and now it is going to series.


Titans Rebirth #1

The original Teen Titans, who have been erased from everyone’s memories, are back together and trying to figure out why they can’t remember being a team.


Vote Loki #1

Loki has worn many hats, and now he wants to be the President of the United States.