The Pull List: 7/6/2016

Buzz-worthy books of the week


Deadpool V Gambit #2

Just like Deadpool vs Hawkeye, Deadpool and Gambit have a little tiff before teaming up. This time they are looking to steal a mystical artifact from a Chinese businessman.


The Flintstones #1

The Hanna-Barbera relaunch has been mostly bad. Hipster Shaggy might make logical sense, but I desperately want to kill him. And the Mad Max Wacky Racing was surprisingly dull. FutureQuest was cool though. This one seems to not have changed The Flintstones too much. Just some more sophisticated art. Fingers crossed.


Moon Knight #4

Marc has saved his friends, made it out of the asylum, and back into New York City. Except to Marc, it looks like it is disappearing into a monster infested desert. The question is still up in the air if he is crazy or not.


Nailbiter #23

The Nailbiter has some one on one time with his daughter.


Paper Girls #7

Trapped in a dark future, the girls start finding out the direction their lives are destined to go in.


Sheriff of Babylon #8

Stakes get higher and higher when a bomb goes off complicating Chris’ continued investigation.


Throwaways #1

Two broken people find out that they are products of a MKULTRA program.