The Pull List: 7/20/2016

Buzz-worthy books of the week


Black Hammer #1

Jeff Lemire does his own subversion of superheroes about a group of former vigilantes exiled by a multiversal crisis.


Deadpool and the Mercs for Money #1

Spinning off of the surprisingly awesome mini, Deadpool’s bastardization of Heroes for Hire.


Snotgirl #1

A new series by Scott Pilgrim’s Bryan Lee O’Malley. If it was anyone else, I might not care. The solicit sounds shallow:  a pop star who is actually a mess. I’m guessing O’Malley’s got a curveball coming.


Sombra #1

A DEA agent is tasked with finding her father, a deep undercover DEA agent who went missing and just turned up brutalizing the cartels.