5 Characters That Should Be In ‘Jessica Jones’ Season 2

Jessica Jones has a pretty shallow supporting character roster. It consisted mostly of cameos from other superheroes. She dated Ant-Man, went to school with Spider-Man, married Luke Cage, and was best friends with Carol Danvers, many of whom are busy doing other things in the MCU. In her Netflix series (besides Luke Cage and and Purple Man), she had a sexed up version of an evil Captain America, a gender swapped version of Iron Fist’s attorney, a cop who briefly chased the Punisher around, and a random member of the comic’s Defenders, none of which had a deep connection to the character of Jessica Jones. When it comes to her further adventures on Netflix, I think they’ll have to continue mining the B- and C-list of Marvel’s characters. I think these characters will work really well.


Cloak and Dagger

Cloak and Dagger are supposed to get their own series on Freeform (formerly known as ABC Family), but Jessica Jones would be such a better home for them. Cloak and Dagger are Ty Johnson and Tandy Bowen, respectively, two teens who ran away to New York City looking for a new life. They met while struggling on the streets and fell in love. Unfortunately, they were attacked and dosed with drugs that gave them superpowers. Cloak became connected to a shadow dimension that he could use to teleport and create tendrils, and Dagger can manipulate light energy, especially into dagger like weapons. As runaways in the big city, they might get the attention of a private eye like Jones. Plus, they can replace one of the story-arcs from Alias. Jones’ debut series, where she investigated MGH (Mutant Growth Hormone), a drug derived from the mutant X-gene that grants users temporary superpowers.

Casting Suggestion: The Wire‘s Tristan Wild and Detention’s Spencer Locke


Power Broker

If kids are going to be getting superpowers from a crazy drug, they need a crazy superpower drug-dealer. The Power Broker fits that bill. He is on Taskmaster’s level of villainy. He is out for himself and kind of bounces around different rogue galleries. Actually, there are two different versions. One is a regular evil corporate guy, and another is more like a crime-facilitator. He recently showed up in the Astonishing Ant-Man with an Uber/AirBNB style app, called Hench, that allows people to hire or become superhuman muscle for hire. That might be a little high concept for Jessica Jones, but the idea that he is dealing superpowers as if they were drugs would work well for the whole Defender corner.

Casting Suggestion: Game of Thrones’ Aidan Gillen


Demolition Man and the Zero People

There is some basis for Demolition Man showing up in a Jessica Jones title. He was once the subject of an arc of The Pulse, the title that introduced Jones to the Marvel Universe proper (rather than her MAX title). Demolition Man was one of the Power Broker’s customers. He bought super-strength from him to try and make it as a professional wrestler. Eventually, he would become a superhero after befriending people like The Thing and Captain America. His life would eventually hit hard times. He ended up homeless, ostracized by the Avengers, and started having a psychotic break. The one stable thing in his life ended up being the people of Zerotown, an underground shanty town for the homeless. He would live with them, protect them, and, at least a couple times, keep rewards from the jewel thieves he stops to help keep his homeless buddies taken care of.

Casting Suggestion: Sons of Anarchy‘s Ryan Hurst if he’s still got the beard


Sally Floyd

There might be a problem including Sally Floyd in a series with Jones. Besides the fact that she might pull focus from Jessica’s relationship with Trish, she is also a lot like Jessica: raven-haired alcoholic in tomboyish clothes running herself ragged for her job. Since Ben Urich bit the big one in the first season of Daredevil, the Defenders series could use a resident journo. Floyd worked closely with Urich in the comics. They started their own newspaper together, Frontline, and share similar philosophies about justice and finding the truth. It would probably be very easy for her to slide in to his place.

Casting Suggestion: Rectify’s Abigail Spencer



Edward Whelan was a successful geneticist working for Armin Zola when he was transformed into a rat humanoid creature by Baron Zemo. Although he debuted in the pages of Captain America, his most memorable role may have been in the pages of Spider-Man during the “Kraven’s Last Hunt” arc. He was being used by Kraven in his “Who’s the better hero?” game with Spidey. They were both hunting the monster that was cannibalizing innocent citizens. Vermin is low on either of Cap or Spidey’s rogues gallery, so I doubt either film franchise is trying to call dibs on him. He could totally be borrowed for this series, and, like Purple Man and Simpson before him, his predatory behavior makes him easily adaptable into an allegory for toxic masculinity.

Casting Suggestion: Character actor Matthew Maher