Weekly Release Roundup!

Hello fellow geeks!  Welcome to your weekly article on all Blu-Ray/4K Ultra HD/Digital film and television releases.  While I won’t be noting everything released for a particular week, I’ll be highlighting some of the more notable ones.  I’ll also include a brief description of the film, the main actors/actresses and director, whether or not I’ve seen it, and a Rotten Tomatoes/MetaCritic score for those who like that kind of thing.  Enjoy!



Pete’s Dragon

Director:  David Lowery

Starring:  Bryce Dallas Howard, Oakes Fegley, Robert Redford, Wes Bentley, Karl Urban

What It’s About:  Pete (Fegley) is on a road trip with his family when the car flips and his parents are killed.  Pete is subsequently chased into the woods by wolves.  There he finds a dragon that he befriends and names Elliot.  Five years later Pete comes out of hiding and must decide to return to his human life all while trying to protect Elliot from danger.

Have I Seen It:  No.

Rotten Tomatoes Score:  Certified Fresh at 86%

MetaCritic Score:  71



Don’t Breathe

Director:  Fede Alvarez

Starring:  Jane Levy, Stephen Lang

What It’s About:  Three burglars hear a tip that a blind army veteran is stowing $300,000 within his house.  When the three break into his house to steal the money, he turns the tables on the three and terrorizes the trio.

Have I Seen It:  No but Jamie Z. did!  Read her review right here!

Rotten Tomatoes Score:  Certified Fresh at 87%

MetaCritic Score:  71




Director:  Steven Spielberg

Starring:  Mark Rylance, Ruby Barnhill

What It’s About:  An orphan girl (Barnhill) befriends a “friendly” giant (Rylance) and is whisked away to his home.

Have I Seen It:  No.

Rotten Tomatoes Score:  Certified Fresh at 75%

MetaCritic Score:  66



White Girl

Director:  Elizabeth Wood

Starring:  Morgan Saylor, Brian Marc

What It’s About:  Leah (Saylor) a college student, falls hard for a bad boy and then goes to wild extremes to get him back.

Have I Seen It:  No.

Rotten Tomatoes Score:   Fresh at 69%

MetaCritic Score:  65



Baked In Brooklyn

Director:  Rory Rooney

Starring:  Alexandra Daddario, Josh Brener

What It’s About:  A recent college graduate (Brener) decides to sell marijuana on the streets of Manhattan after losing his job at a consulting firm. He soon meets the girl of his dreams (Daddario). With an unsupportive girlfriend, an increase of clients, and the growing threats of being caught or killed, he soon realizes he is in way over his head.

Have I Seen It:  No.

Rotten Tomatoes Score:   NA

MetaCritic Score:  NA


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