Weekly Release Roundup!

Hello fellow geeks!  Welcome to your weekly article on all Blu-Ray/4K Ultra HD/Digital film and television releases.  While I won’t be noting everything released for a particular week, I’ll be highlighting some of the more notable ones.  I’ll also include a brief description of the film, the main actors/actresses and director, whether or not I’ve seen it, and a Rotten Tomatoes/MetaCritic score for those who like that kind of thing.  Enjoy!



The Magnificent Seven

Director:  Antoine Fuqua

Starring:  Denzel Washington, Chris Pratt, Ethan Hawke, Haley Bennett

What’s It About:  When an evil land baron murders the townsfolk of Rose Creek and threatens to return and claim their land, recent widow Emma Cullen (Bennett) hires a group of gunmen to protect their town.  Led by bounty hunter Sam Chisholm (Washington) and featuring an assorted cast of characters, including gunslinger and gambler Joshua Faraday (Pratt) the seven must band together against overwhelming odds.

Have I Seen It:  Yes!  But my review is not yet up.

Rotten Tomatoes Score:  Fresh at 63%

MetaCritic Score:  54





Director:  Rob Zombie

Starring:  Sheri Moon Zombie, Jeff Daniel Phillips, Malcolm McDowell

What’s It About:  On Halloween night 1976 a group of carnival workers are kidnapped and taken to a strange building.  There they are placed in several maze-like rooms while murderous clowns hunt them down.  It’s a game that mysterious figures are betting on and the stakes are nothing less than life or death.

Have I Seen It:  No.

Rotten Tomatoes Score:  Rotten at 48%

MetaCritic Score:  35



Doomed!  The Untold Story of Roger Corman’s Fantastic Four

Director:  Marty Langford

Starring:  Roger Corman, Joseph Culp, Kat Green

What’s It About:   The documentary about the ill-fated Fantastic Four film from the 1990s that was never released.  By all accounts an awful movie, the film was made just so Fox could retain the studio rights.

Have I Seen It:  No.

Rotten Tomatoes Score:  Fresh at 83%

MetaCritic Score:  N/A



Maximum Ride

Director:  Jay Martin

Starring:  Allie Marie Evans, Patrick Johnson, Peter O’Brien

What’s It About:   Maximum Ride follows a group of children who discover they are specialized human hybrids composed of 2% avian DNA.  A quest to find a kidnapped friend helps them uncover their true origins.  Based on the novels by James Patterson.

Have I Seen It:  No.

Rotten Tomatoes Score:  N/A

MetaCritic Score:  N/A



The Disappointments Room

Director:  D.J. Caruso

Starring:  Kate Beckinsale, Lucas Till

What’s It About:   After the death of their daughter a couple move into their dream house with their young son and a hope for a fresh start.  However, when mysterious and disturbing events begin to occur the couple’s dream house may become a house of nightmares.

Have I Seen It:  No.

Rotten Tomatoes Score:  0%  (Seriously a 0%)

MetaCritic Score:  31


Also out this week: 

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