Watch This Film: ‘I Am Jane Doe’ (2017)

Documentaries can be powerful ways to educate and humble us. Sometimes a film comes along that opens our eyes to something we may never have known about before. That’s where I am Jane Doe (2017) comes in. Of course I know that child sex slavery is an epidemic worldwide and yes, in the USA as well. What I didn’t know about was the use of the internet, specifically, in this phenomenon. This documentary is a must-watch to open our eyes to some of the horrible things going on in our own backyards. Awareness and education are the first steps to fixing a problem and that’s where this movie comes in.

I am Jane Doe is produced and narrated by award-winning actress Jessica Chastain. The film is told mainly as stories of the mothers of some of these kidnapped children forced into sex slavery. These mothers are incredibly powerful and inspiring. Not only did they do everything in their power to rescue and support their daughters, but they are taking on the United States government to try and shut down They, along with some wonderful lawyers, are fighting against a system meant to keep them down. But they won’t give up.

I don’t want to go into too much about this film other than to tell you to watch it. It’s something timely, relevant, and important that is going on right in our own backyards. This film is about girls, women, and men who are strong and fierce and don’t give up. It’s about terrible things that happen to innocent people. It’s about a corrupt company. And it’s about the legal system we have here that is protecting it. Stop reading my rambling and please go log onto Netflix and check this out.