Exclusive Interview with Temuera Morrison!

Sadly every convention comes to an end, and with it our convention coverage. To cap things off in an awesome fashion we bring to you an exclusive chat with the terrifying star of Once Were Warriors and Jango Fett himself: Temuera Morrison.

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Apologies for the audio on this one, we got assaulted by an evil PA.

Temuera Morrison 5

G-Funk: We are the House of Geekery at Supanova Perth, 2017…

Temuera Morrison: House of Geekery! Great! I’m glad to be in the Geekery of Houses! On the house. The whare. ‘Whare’ is our Maori word for ‘house’. ‘Geekery’ I have not idea what our word would be for that.

GF: I made that word up.

TM: It’s funny.

GF: We’ll make one up for it.

TM: We will make one up. 

GF: You’ll have to forgive my mispronunciation of your name, but it’s Temuera Morrison?

TM: Fantastic. Tem-u-era. But Tem’s fine.

(We get it right after some coaching.)

TM: Very good, just say Tem.

Temuera Morrison 4

GF: Tem, you’re a well known international actor, can you tell people how they would know you?

TM: Well, basically, the one movie that put on the map, on the radar, was Once Were Warriors. Of course, that’s a cult movie now in a way. Of course Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones, plus all the clones. Green Lantern and Abin Sur. I’ve done movies like Six Days Seven Nights, played the pirate, things like Speed 2 with Sandra Bullock on the ship. A few things here and there, a few Aussie movies, a few New Zealand movies.

GF: And recently Moana.

TM: Recently Moana.

GF: I’ll bring my daughter over later and she’ll flip out. She’s going to be Moana when she grows up.

TM: Yes, we all love Moana. It’s a great story, great film for the kids. Great music, great animation, the water sign. It shows that we really need to look after out planet. Moana has those kinda layers in there where the ocean comes alive like a living being like it is. Those kinds of things. The spirituality of Moana, like Grandma Tala coming back in the form of a stingray, those kinds of things are really cool. 

GF: It was very cool. You scared the life out of me after Once Were Warriors


As Jake the Muss in ‘Once Were Warriors’.

TM: Yes, I scared a few people! Even myself. The interview I had before this, he was scared of me too! The character was a kind of…never seen before kind. He wasn’t your typical guy you’d see at the movies, he frightened everybody. But the story was about that woman standing up, making way for her family. (Sings the tune from ‘Moana’) Make way! Make way for Beth Heke! 

Standing up for herself, standing up for her kids, telling her husband “hey, it’s not on any more.” The abuse and all of that, it’s still one of the movies that resonates. 

Temuera Morrison 2

GF: What’s it like looking back at Jake the Muss?

TM: I was proud of the work I did. I did have some howls of derision when I got cast in the role because I was a soap star at the time on a doctor soap. It was big call for me and I was grateful for the opportunity, great to work with Lee Tamahori, he believed in me. He was the director. Believe you, me, he was a little nervous. I’m just glad I did good job for everybody and I’m glad I didn’t ruin the movie. 

GF: A wonderful job (The PA system comes to life).

TM: Oh, the voice over!

GF: This has been interfering with all our interviews today! The voice of God.

TM: The big voice, letting everyone know what’s happening. Ask me the question anyway.

GF: Ok…how’s it been entering the world of Star Wars and working with George Lucas?

TM: Well, that was way back in the year 2000. It was good, I was chosen to play the best bounty hunter in the galaxy. I felt blessed, very blessed. It was a while ago now, but the thing about Star Wars is that life goes on. I’m still signing autographs for Jango Fett. So I’m very blessed that George decided to put me in the film. I really enjoyed the experience. Working with people like Ewan McGregor was fantastic.

GF: That’s very cool.

TM: It was very cool with the suit and it’s jetpack! ‘Pew pew’!

Temuera Morrison 3

GF: We’ve got 20 seconds left: is there a project or a role that want people to be more aware of?

TM: Well, look out for a movie called Aquaman coming out 2018. I play Tom Curry, the dad. Look out for that underwater adventure. 

GF: Thanks very much for speaking with us!

TM: My pleasure.

Temuera Morrison 1