5 Female-Driven Thrillers to Read


The Moth Diaries by Rachel Klein (2005)

I’m a sucker for creepy tales set in boarding schools and this one did not disappoint. A young woman starts to think that there may be something supernatural about the new girl who is stealing away her best friend. While it was made into a film in 2011, the book retains a fairy-tale-like halo due to its clearly unreliable narrator. This ambiguity is equally as frustrating as it is satisfying. 



The Winter People by Jennifer McMahon (2014)

Set in alternate timelines of Vermont, this was a great mystery steeped in atmosphere with just the right amount of supernatural. I appreciate a story where you’re equally interested in both narratives and this one does just that, featuring strong and interesting female characters across centuries. This book is full of dread, twists, and enough storytelling to put a chill in the air.



The Shadow Land by Elizabeth Kostova (2017)

The Shadow Land is a mystery about an American girl who gets caught up in conspiracy and heartbreak while traveling abroad. Kostova brilliantly paints us a picture of Bulgaria, both then and now, in a thriller that keeps you guessing while also playing out like historical fiction. It’s a richly told story that delivers atmosphere, characters, and emotions and will certainly make you want to go abroad and befriend strangers.



My Sister, the Serial Killer by Oyinkan Braithwaite (2018)

My Sister, the Serial Killer is a fresh take on the uber-popular genre. The story is told through the eyes of a woman who will protect her sister at all costs and no matter what crimes she may have committed. With a unique setting, fantastic characters, and new take on the angle of serial killers, this one is unlike anything you’ve likely read before. Equally dark and light, funny and sometimes sad, this is genuinely just a good read; original, smart, and well-written with a fantastic ending.



Sadie by Courtney Summers (2018)

This book is perfect for fans of the podcast My Favorite Murder; it includes different point-of-views including our main lead and the podcaster who is investigating her disappearance. This roller-coaster of a ride reminds us of the reality behind all these true crime entertainments we love. It has just enough twists to keep you hooked but not too much to be confusing. Sadie is an experience worth having.