Movie Marathon: ‘Wrong Turn 6’

It does look like the series has peaked and we’re heading back to dullsville. This next movie will have to mix things up to avoid being a dud. It doesn’t look like Doug Bradley has returned, so the whole mentor serial killer bit has been dropped.

Movie: Wrong Turn 6: Last Resort

Released: 2014

Director: Valeri Milev

Cast: Anthony Ilot, Chris Jarvis, Aqueela Zoll, Sadie Katz, Rollo Skinner, Billy Ashworth, Harry Belcher, Radoslav Parnanov

Plot: Danny, a young man, and his friends travel to the West Virginia mountain resort of Hobb Springs, which he has just inherited. He soon finds that his newly found family have some grisly traditions.

Review: If you’re a horror movie fan you no doubt remember Jason Goes to Hell, a movie that pretended that the franchise lore was different to what we all remembered. More supernatural nonsense than before, arbitrary new rules, whatever else. The sixth entry in Wrong Turn plays around with things a little bit, only further emphasising how much the cannibal mountain men have been played out by benching them for much of the movie.

Danny is the new owner of run down resort Hobb Springs, complete with the house staff Jackson and Sally. These two appear to be both siblings and romantically involved, while Jackson is mostly committed to stuffing his jacket to give him some weird puffy appearance. These weirdos begin manipulating Danny, drop feeding him information about his family. Over time we learnt that they’re part of the familiar family of psychos, and they’re looking for distant blood relatives to help keep the family line alive.

This new set up gives this movie a unique feel in the series, but you might already see the problem in the above paragraph. Cannibalism has always been the core terror in these movies, but the attention appears to have shifted to incest this time around. The idea is that inbreeding has become part of a ‘ritual’, and Danny is expected to sleep with his newly revealed sister Sally. There’s rape, sexual violence, drugged rape, voyeurism played for laughs…it makes this the most distasteful entry in a movie franchise about demented cannibals.

We meander through this story with intermittent nudity, gore and shrieking morons. At the end of it all the resort is up and running and we get the ridiculous visual of the cannibals working in the hotel kitchen. These characters have lost everything they represented in the original film. In an attempt to remedy the repetitive nature of the story they’ve lost what little identity it had to begin with.

What a disappointing ending.

Rating: ONE out of TEN