Movie Review: ‘Slaxx’

Director: Elza Kephart

Cast: Romane Denis, Brett Donahue, Sehar Bhojani, Kenny Wong, Tianna Nori, Jessica B. Hill, Erica Anderson

Plot: A highly popular and super trendy clothing store is besieged by a murderous and haunted pair of pants.

Review: I saw several multi-million dollar star studded Hollywood blockbusters this past weekend. The movie that made me the happiest was a low budget Canadian slasher about killer pants. If you show me a pair of evil pants with a mannequin torso wedged into the waist doing a spirited Bollywood dance down a utility corridor I’m going to be happy. It’s no great mystery. Horror movies with a charmingly ridiculous premise are always going to pique my interest.

If the actual delivery of the premise was as schlocky as the concept I would’ve gotten bored pretty quick. Fortunately this movie does have something to say, even if they don’t present the most eloquent statement. The setting of SLAXX is a super-trendy store that relies on it’s public image and social media influence to move their otherwise uninteresting product. The closest real world equivalent would be Supreme if they only operated out of physical stores. We follow a new employee who idolises the stores policies of ethically sources materials, no GMOs and being carbon neutral. Through her eyes we learn about the publicity stunt wherein the store goes into lockdown while the new items are being put on shelves to build up to a big debut. They’re also going to be hosting a social media star who is getting a sneak preview.

None of the characters outside of the lead are likeable. They each represent the worst aspects of modern consumer culture, each one obsessing about their public image whether it is in the form of following the latest fashions of tying their identity to a brand. Everyone is obnoxious, but it does serve an extra purpose in the story as the possessed pants need the motivation to turn against them all in such a violent fashion. It is the low priced, mass marketed fashion driven and comfortably living public that infuriates the pants.

After they discover that they are being hunted by pants, and the origin being the malevolent spirit possessing them, you wind up being on the side of the pants. It’s not a deep or mind-blowing, but it’s a good message. And that’s what I like about this movie. It’s an eye-catching concept, made with a well considered artistic style and a solid message. Top level schlock.

Rating: EIGHT out of TEN