Movie and Drinks: The Thin Man

The Movie-The Thin Man: This comedy/mystery is often credited as the final film of the Pre-Code Era. Nick and Nora Charles are a sharp-witted, binge-drinking, socialite couple who travel to New York for the holidays with their dog Asta. It is in the Big Apple where Nick’s past as a detective comes back to bite him, when a businessman he once worked a case for has gone missing. While he wants nothing more than to enjoy himself with a cocktail or 12, the former sleuth gets pressure from all sides to solve the case. It is Nora who is applying the most pressure as she has always heard of her husband’s past as a brilliant detective and wants to see it firsthand. Together they piece together the clues nobody else sees and trade hilarious barbs in the process. All of it leads to a fancy black-tie dinner party where one of the guests is a murderer and Nick has to figure out who it is.

The Drink-Martini: When we first meet our film’s heroes it is in a posh hotel bar where Nick is teaching the entire staff the proper way to make a martini. You see when shaking a martini you always do it to waltz time. When Nora and Asta arrive she orders one as well…..until she found out her husband has already had six so she orders five more. The key ingredient to a martini is a good gin, pouring about 2 and a half ounces over ice. I personally use Highclere Castle Gin because it is high quality and because Highclere Castle is where they filmed Downton Abbey, and I love Downton Abbey. After this you need about a half ounce of dry vermouth. Once combined you either shake or stir until the ingredients are cold and thoroughly mixed then pour into a glass, and if you wish to follow tradition garnish with an olive for attention.