Fear Street Possible Sequels

This summer’s Fear Street trilogy for horror absolutely blew every self-respecting horror aficionado away. Director Leigh Janiak created a three-part horror story which left fans eager for more blood-soaked mayhem. Because Netflix likes money, they will likely greenlight continuations of stories set in the Fear Street universe. Janiak has not been shy about loving the idea of sequels and spin-offs for the franchise. With plenty of directions to go in here are some ideas as to what dark corners of Fear Street we could go to next. Be warned there are naturally spoilers for the trilogy.

Spin-offs with the different killers: This is the most obvious direction to go in. The trilogy shined a grim spotlight on the killers Skull Mask and the Axe Man, but the history of Shadyside is filled with colorful slashers. Whenever the supernatural force of the town summoned them, we got to see many of these demented killers. Despite limited screentime and only snippets of information, it is obvious each of these characters has a compelling story of their own. From Ruby Lane eerily crooning Mills Brothers songs to Pastor Cyrus Miller cutting the eyes out of children there is plenty of scary material to work with.

Other time periods of Shadyside: One of the elements of the trilogy horror fans loved was seeing how Leigh Janiak drew inspiration from the horror films of the different eras. Fear Street Part 1: 1994 definitely carried the style and irreverent attitude of Scream while Fear Street Part 2: 1978 proudly wore the influence of camp slasher films like The Burning and the Friday the 13th series. Janiak successfully put a fresh coat of paint on many classic elements and tropes of the genre’s past so why not run with it? Do a classic gothic story ala’ the Universal Monsters set during the Great Depression. Or perhaps some radiation-fueled menace at the height of Cold War paranoia. The horror genre is one that has constantly evolved to reflect the fears of each generation and the Fear Street franchise is in a prime spot to play with that.

Who took the book?: After the events of Fear Street Part 3: 1666, we had all the makings of a happy ending where the town’s curse was finally broken and Deena and Samantha could finally be together. But one of the primary rules of horror movies is that the monster always comes back. As many no doubt expected, the book which contains all the information to summon and make a deal with the Devil is taken by a pair of unidentified hands. Was it another descendant of Solomon Goode claiming the macabre family heirloom? Was it someone new looking to unleash their own mayhem? Did the power this book holds seduce Deena or one of her friends into taking it? The options are endless in following this storyline.

Sunnyvale: At the end of the trilogy, we found that Sunnyvale has prospered why Shadyside suffered all these years because of the prominent Goode family’s use of magic for their own prosperity. But now the family has lost their powers and Sheriff Goode has been exposed, so what happens to the cleaner brighter rival town now? Could a revenge-seeking Shadysider begin to claim victims among the youth on the other side of the tracks? Will the supernatural energy feeding off the blood of Shadyside residents now prey on this town? How will this affect the class war between the two communities?

Other Fear Street books: While the Fear Street film trilogy drew loose inspiration from their namesake, this is a book series RL Stine has been writing since 1989. There is decades worth of source material to draw on for further films in the Fear Street books. The Fire Game provides the template for an arson-driven killer if they wanted to go that route. Shadyside Hospital that we briefly saw in Fear Street Part 1 has secrets of its own as we see in The Knife. If Leigh Janiak and crew wanted to make another trilogy of films, there is an entire Fear Street: Fear Park 3-parter that can be adapted.