Top 10 ‘The Suicide Squad’ Deaths

Spoilers, obviously. I mean…look at the title.

James Gunn was let off the chain with the sequel to the abysmal 2016 Suicide Squad, and the film he created was an absolute hoot. Part of the film’s roller coaster tone comes from the unpredictable and sometimes sudden deaths of the characters. To narrow it down, only named characters are eligible so the various soldiers dismembered by King Shark don’t count. They’re also in chronological order because we’re lazy.


If you saw all the trailers you’ll come to the realisation within the first few minutes that there’s more than one squad in this movie, followed by the immediately realisation that this one is not getting much screen time. They’re loaded onto a carrier and dropped into the ocean off the coast of their target island in quick time, but nobody checked to see if the rather feral and mindless Weasel could swim. He promptly drowns.


Mongal is a bit of mystery, remaining stoic up to and leading into the mission. We know she’s an alien, and the betting pool in the control tell us she has immense strength and speed. Mongal ignores Flag’s orders and single-handedly takes down a helicopter, burning herself to death in the process. What makes her death a real stand-out comes when her hot-headed charge into battle leads to…


Considered by many (people I asked) to be a safe bet for survival due to being a legacy character of sorts, Captain Boomerang doesn’t make it to the opening titles without being shredded to pieces by the shrapnel from Mongal’s helicopter crash. Props to Jai Courtney for jumping back into the role for this sequence. The biggest surprise of the movie was that he threw more boomerang’s in the 2016 movie.


Hardly the most anticipated character in the line-up and tipped early for red-shirt status. The handsome Olympian doesn’t make it far into the opening slaughterhouse, but his final moments with Harley Quinn is a humourless subversion of a common trope.


For one hot minute, Michael Rooker’s Savant looked to be a key player. He was the first character on screen, he featured in the trailers, and he attempted to save Weasel as he flailed in the ocean. As soon as shit hits the fan, however, his resolve snaps and he attempts to flee the mission, leading to detonation by Waller. Then the bird gets revenge.


The one character on the list who isn’t a supervillain, instead he’s the temporary president of the destabilised Corto Maltease. He strikes us a romance with Harley Quinn, which whom he is obsessed, and manages to charm her. Unfortunately for Luna, Harley has developed a low tolerance for red flags in a potential beau, and learnt to take the men in her life out of the picture before they reveal themselves to be real monsters. This is mostly here for Margot Robbie, who gets a great monologue in this scene.


Peter Capaldi absolutely chews up the scenery in this role and looks to be having the kind of fun he brought to Doctor Who. He’s pure gold as a maniacal scientist, and being torn limb from limb by his imprisoned and long tortured subject is poetic and satisfying.


Bit of a surprise, this one, as Flag felt like a real core character to how the team functions. When faced with a turncoat Peacemaker, Flag’s drive to do the right thing by going off mission felt like a noble enough cause to keep him punching through. Instead, after an intense physical beating on both sides, Peacemaker stabs Flag through the heart and destroys the one member of the team that was keeping them together.


Not that Peacemaker’s victory gets him very far. After cornering Ratcatcher 2 and preparing to get rid of her, Peacemaker is faced with a long awaited showdown against Bloodsport. Remembering the words they exchanged in prison, Bloodsport is ready for Peacemaker and equipped with the right weapon for the job.


Poor Polka Dot Man. His broken mind has left him seeing a twisted, haunting version of the world. Constantly and grotesquely reminded of the experiments conducted on him by his mother, he becomes a sadly sympathetic figure who we wish could be left alone. Instead he gets dragged through this nightmare mission. At least he gets some catharsis being being crushed to death by a giant space starfish.

Oh, and I know that Peacemaker and Weasel turn out to be alive in post-credits. But in the moment they were dead.