Characters We Want to See in ‘Multiverse of Madness’

Unlike Spider-Man: No Way Home, Marvel and Disney are being unusually candid with Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness being packed with cameo appearances. Now that they’ve seen the success such a concept brings them in box office numbers there’s no reason not to lean into it. The first full trailer strongly suggests that Patrick Stewart (confirmed in an ‘undisclosed role’) is reprising his role of Professor X and introducing Mutants to the MCU. What other weird stuff are we keen to see?

Hugh Jackman as OLD MAN LOGAN

We wouldn’t want to double-dip into the X-Men pool twice, as big a fan of X-Books as I am, since Patrick Stewart as Professor X is a damn solid inclusion. On the other hand…Logan and those versions of the characters could arguably exist outside of the X-Movie canon. Not that they made sense in the first place. So get Hugh Jackman in and grizzle him up again. The version of the character in his final film was bedraggled enough that he won’t have to bulk up again. Maybe Daphne Keen can pop in as Laura.

Lou Ferrigno as HULK

Unlike many early screen versions of the Marvel characters, this 1970s depiction of the Hulk has endured as a figure of pop culture and is largely held in high regard. The melancholic ending of the series means we can drop in on the original Hulk in his older years, still surviving on the road.

Anson Mount as BLACK BOLT

Already a heavily speculated inclusion, as many viewers theorised that Professor X will appear as a member of The Illuminati, a powerful secret society of leaders in the superhero community. Among the leading scientists, sorcerers and world leaders in the small collective sits Black Bolt, king of the Inhumans. Nobody is going to argue that the Inhumans series was good, or that anyone came out looking good, but it’ll be a nice bit of world building. Plus…I feel bad for the lead actors in that. I think they tried.

David Hasselhoff as NICK FURY

Look, the man clearly loves doing cameos. He turns up in any and all things that could be slightly relevant to ‘The Hoff’. He did once play Nick Fury, and is honestly a solid likeness for the original version of this character to appear in comics. Bonus points for allowing MCU Nick Fury appear just to drop an F-Bomb in response.

Ryan Reynolds as DEADPOOL

Yes, we said we didn’t want to double-dip in the X-Men pool twice, but we also called it a ‘pool’ so you should have seen it coming. This is a very quick, uncomplicated way to bring the only part of the X-Movies still worth keeping. He can even make a meta comment about how easy they made it for him.

Ryan Reynolds has posted on Twitter claiming he’s definitely not in it, and we should take him at his word.

Unrelated Andrew Garfield


There’s a couple of characters from this pair of movies who would make for a fun appearance, including the Silver Surfer, but this is certainly the most likely as Mister Fantastic is often involved in Illuminati nonsense. If they want to make it real interesting, turn him into The Maker, the weird evil version with an out-of-control God complex.

Peter Hooten as 1978 DOCTOR STRANGE

This oddball and very 1970s pilot for a series based on the Doctor Strange comics was…well, it’s what it is. Jessica Walter is in it, that’s fun. Hooten is still working as recently as 2017, so getting him in with some digital de-ageing, and have MCU Strange meet a much cheesier version of himself.

Jeffrey Coombs as DOCTOR MORDRID

Initially an adaptation of Doctor Strange, the license to the character ran out before production began. A quick rebranding later and boom: Doctor Anton Mordrid. I haven’t heard of this 1992 film before, but I’m going to find a copy. I also want Benedict Cumberbatch Strange meet a 90s version of himself played by the bloody Re-Animator.

Nicholas Cage as GHOST RIDER

It’s actually an official law that if you can put Nicholas Cage into something, you have to put Nicholas Cage in it. You can put Nicholas Cage in the MCU with head on fire. You are obliged by law to do so.

Tom Cruise as IRON MAN

There’s some clickbait articles doing the rounds on social media claiming that Marvel is recasting the role of Tony Stark with toothy man Tom Cruise, causing ridiculous freak-outs in the comments from people who believe everything they read. This likely comes from the brief period where Cruise did own the rights to the character and intended to play him. With the strong potential of a Multiverse Illuminati coming up, you’d want a Tony Stark at the table. Casting Tom Cruise is a good throwback to this bit of trivia and will get an insane audience response. I say they should do it.