Future of Doctor Who Wish List


This month saw the return of Doctor Who, the new generation now into its seventh season and so far it is an interesting one. Although the majority of the stories have had a bit of a goofy angle, under all of the poppy color and humorous quips lies a real emotional arc and I cannot wait to see where it leads. With the future of Doctor Who in mind I would like to share with you my wish list, my dreams for the continuing years of the show. These are things I have wanted for quite some time, and if even a few of them happen I would be a very happy Whovian.

  1. Male Companion: Okay, so I know that one of the reasons the show is so successful with younger audiences is because we always get a hot new female companion who adds a splash of sexual tension to the show but please can we stop? I enjoyed the Donna years because we didn’t have that “will they? won’t they?” Moonlighting problem, it was more of a buddy show, but can we take it a step further? Give us a male companion again, it worked in the old days of the Doctor, and it worked with Captain Jack and even Mickey and Rory, but there was always the woman who took the lead. If they are stuck on the idea of sexual tension and a hot new companion, fine, but give it some more complexity and make them a man! My dream would be to have someone like Russel Tovey return and join him. 
  2. Female Doctor: I love Matt Smith, I hope he sticks around for a while, but we all know that we don’t get to keep our Doctor forever, the heartbreak is bound to happen at some point, so why not take a leap and change genders. There is no reason the show couldn’t work with a female doctor, and honestly I see no reason why they haven’t done it before. This isn’t a feminism thing but just a fun new way to breathe life into the series, imagine the complexity of a female Doctor trying to deal with all of those years being male. Don’t sex her up, don’t make her into a slut, she will still be the Doctor, I believe the character could transcend gender, and race for that matter. My dream, which will never happen, is to have someone like Helen Mirren take on the role. 
  3. Elderly Doctor: When Doctor Who began way back in 1963 the character of the Doctor was played by the magnificent William Hartnell who gave us a Doctor that actually scared us a little. I can see where the show is going, as each year the Doctor gets progressively younger looking while getting older, but I would love to see them go back to an old crotchety Doctor. Again, I know that there would be major issues with this, mostly with keeping the younger viewers but if it worked before why not again? My dream would  be to have Anthony Hopkins play the Doctor. 
  4. Some Questions Answered: I get it, the show lives on suspense and the unanswered but can we please have some concrete facts about the Doctor, I promise we won’t run away. Sure, last season we got the big answer about River Song, how she was so important back in David Tennant’s days, but it really told us nothing of the Doctor’s past. What is his name? What exactly happened in the Dalek war? There is so much to explore and I am starting to feel a little cheated by the ever-growing string of unanswered questions. My dream would be to know the Doctor’s real name.
  5. Get Off Of Earth: Again, I get it, to gain the audience needed to reboot the show we needed to spend a great deal of time on Earth, but can we stop now please? We get maybe a couple of episodes a season that involve other worlds, and often we don’t even get to see them, we are stuck in a spaceship or some other craft. I appreciate that the show has fun twisting up history, making historical events revolve around the Doctor in some way, but I would also like to explore the other. Can we see other species that aren’t humanoid? Other planets that aren’t like our own? I have felt this way from the start, when the show came back with Eccleston, I just got sick of seeing everything revolve around the companion on Earth. I am not saying I haven’t enjoyed those episodes, because often they are brilliant, but let’s step outside and feel the air of another planet please. My dream would be to visit a planet that is hostile in every way, so that the humans cannot survive the atmosphere, just something terrifying and preferably red. No reason why.
  6. More Historical Figures: Okay, I know, in the last one I said no more Earth, well we can do that and this too! Some of my favorite episodes, some of the most emotionally charged and well written ones, have revolved around a historical figure of some kind. If we could get more episodes like “Vincent and the Doctor” I would be a very happy Whovian. For the longest time I have had one specific person in mind who I really wanted to Doctor to meet, and they could really take it to a dark place. I want to see him with Edgar Allen Poe. I know we don’t get to deal with a lot of American figures on the show, but if they are going to pick one American author to interact with Poe would be my top choice. I love when I get to use my history degree while watching the show, dig into my brain and try to remember all of the important events that the Doctor is messing around with and how they may affect the future of the show. When we got to see the burning of Pompei it was just a great concept, not one of my favorite episodes sure, but the idea that he was instrumental in that horrible tragic event added something to the show. My dream would be to have an episode revolve around Edgar Allen Poe’s stories, a nice dark horror episode.
  7. More, more more: Just don’t stop making well written episodes, don’t stop making them at all. Keep it going. Keep bringing in writers like Gaiman and Whithouse, new talent who can add more to the show and give it a new breath of life. Bring in more special guest actors who are a wink to the audience. Just more please :)
13 Responses to “Future of Doctor Who Wish List”
  1. Raven says:

    “My dream would be to know the Doctor’s real name.”
    It’s Angus. Oh wait…that’s another show.
    I’d like to see Joanna Lumley who played the doctor in curse of the fatal death. She was awesome. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Do-wDPoC6GM


  2. gfunk101 says:

    Helen Mirren did once comment that she wants to be the next Doctor…she’s certainly my number one pick for when the Doctor goes female.

    Also: Edgar Allen Poe = genius.


  3. HerrMoonlight says:

    I don’t think having a female Doctor is particularly necessary. Actually, I think it’s a really tacky idea. So long as there are strong female characters throughout the show regardless, there’s nothing wrong with the Doctor being a male.
    I totally agree about less Earth episodes, though. And the Doctor with Edgar Allan Poe is a fantastic episode waiting to happen.


  4. 1. Love the idea of MIdshipman Alonso
    2. I like the idea. But I’ve been a fan for a long time and they have never broached the subjects of Time Lords changing gender. They may have with Romana. When she regenerated she experimented with a forms, but I do not remember if any of them where male. Also, they hinted at the Doctor regenerating into a different species when #5 turned to #6, or at some point in #6’s history because he appeared as an alien–but it turned out to be the bad guy.
    3. Love the idea of an elderly Doctor
    4. They should only reveal the Doctor’s name on the last show with his last iteration. WIth the exception of that, I would like to learn more. We know he has a granddaughter. What about his daughter? What happened to Susan? As for more details on the Great Time War, I agree. I don’t like how in the Matt Smith years the Daleks have come back to full force–almost as if the Time War had no repercussions for them. In this season we have seen a Parliament and Dalek Sanitarian Planet. Where did these Dalek’s come from?
    5. Good idea, but I’m sure that is a budgetary concern.
    6. I’m not sold on that one.
    7. Couldn’t agree more. Matt Smith makes a great Doctor, but I his stories and overall season arc lets him down. He has had great episodes, but overall there is something lacking.


    • gfunk101 says:

      The Doctor talks about a friend of his who changed gender during regeneration in last years episode ‘The Doctor’s Wife’. Plus, after he regenerated for the tenth time he initially thought he was a girl and was quite put out that he wasn’t (also not ginger) – a clear indication that he expected to be able to become female.


  5. Bryan E. says:

    I LOVED Alonso :D I would kill for him to come back as the companion, and if he did that would fulfill my number one wish on Doctor Who: I REALLY want an openly gay male companion, and I think Alonso would be perfect.


  6. david marsh says:

    i want to see a full on, all action, $200 million budget Dalek War Movie, where the Daleks actually win and it given a cinema release, not just on TV. (then a sequal where the Daleks loose, ‘cos they have to loose!!!!)


  7. kariboods says:

    Oh my goshh!! I would love a female doctor and I would love to see Edgar Allen Poe. I too would like him to stop being on earth that much, but if he must, visit other coutries! There sooo much more to our beautiful planet than just England.


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