Potential Spin-Offs for ‘Doctor Who’

There may be those of you out there who believe that the revival of Doctor Who currently on our television sets is not all that great. I will now ask those of you who do believe that to politely leave this site (but not before buying a T-shirt). In fact the series has been so successful that it’s already warranted two spin-offs, Torchwood and The Sarah Jane Adventures. Both of them were enjoyable in some aspects but sadly they are no longer on the airwaves. Now when a season of Doctor Who ends, we have neither the investigators from Cardiff nor the late great Elisabeth Sladen to keep us content until the next season. It is about time the BBC remedied this problem and developed a new series set in the Whoinverse. With the setting already a universe vast and complicated, where some times impossible things happen, the possibilities are endless.

Dr Who XI 3 Xmas 2012

Paternoster Gang: The rumors of this trio receiving their own show consistently pop up among fans. Madam Vastra, her wife Jenny, and their comic relief (and requisite muscle) Strax venturing through the fog shrouded streets of Victorian London investigating the paranormal is a brilliant premise that will have fans raving. Their adventures could bring a neat twist to real life bizarre events of the era such as Spring Heeled Jack. But the real treat would be the already established chemistry the three detectives share, which endears them to fans.

Abslom Daak: Imagine if Lobo took on Daleks for a living.  Now imagine such a character already exists. An obscure anti-hero from the pages of the Doctor Who comics and novels during the 80’s and 90’s, Abslom Daak, was a convicted felon who in order to avoid the death penalty agreed to hunt down and destroy Daleks.  The violent styles employed by Daak and his crew, the Star Tigers, could fill the void of the adult-themed Who show left by Torchwood, but without coming off silly by trying too hard to be an adult show. Speaking of Dalek killing…..

Susan and David: In the far future the First Doctor left his granddaughter, Susan, to fight side by side with the love of her life David, against the the most notorious plunger armed menace in the universe. And in the subsequent fifty years what happened to them remains a mystery. Fans want to know about their continuing adventures and even what role, if any, Susan played in the Time War.


Jenny Explorer in Space and Time:  This is another idea that has popped up more than a few times. After riding off into the sunset (metaphorically) at the end of her only appearance thus far, the woman made from the Doctor’s genetic materials had a zeal to explore the universe and right injustices, much like her dear old daddy. For those who have been clamoring for a woman to take the control of the TARDIS, this show could be a great way to test the waters for the BBC, as Jenny could travel with her own companions and face her own collection of villains.