‘Injustice’ – Who Should be in the DLC?

So Injustice: Gods Among Us is bloody great, that seems to be a general consensus. Not a perfect game by any stretch but one of the most solid fighting games available and kitted out with some of our favourite characters. Just to sweeten the deal they’ve already announced a DLC pack featuring four new characters, one being LOBO. That leaves room for three more and a whole bunch of speculation. Here’s the top 10 characters we want to see filling out the ranks.

Poison Ivy

Poison Ivy Injustice

Some would make the argument that there’s already an over-representation of Batman characters in the game. I would counter this argument with ‘shut-up, Batman’s the best’. It’s hard to avoid the fact that Batman does have some of the best villains, but with Joker, Harley, Solomon Grundy, Bane and Catwoman in the ring it’ll be hard to justify adding more.

Still…how awesome would Poison Ivy be?! Lashing out with vines, unleashing clouds of deadly spores, throwing thorns – she’s custom build for this game! It’ll be worth it just to see her unleash a devastating special attack where the opponent gets crushed by a suddenly sprouting rainforest.


Huntress Injustice

Ok, one more Batman character (I tell a lie, there’s two more further down the list). Huntress could be a great counterpoint to Batman. Being equipped with her own gadgets and a more limber fighting style the two of them would be a perfect match against each other. Her crossbow could come equipped with different bolts, similar to Green Arrow, and I’m sure they could work her motorbike in theresomehow.


Zatanna Injustice

Although Zatanna is not well known for her fighting prowess she does have the power of illusion, and that alone would make her an interesting and unique addition to the game. Whilst the other characters are throwing punches and kicks Zatanna is teleporting, creating doubles and sending their own projectiles back onto them. Zatanna could be the character you love to use but hate fighting against.

Supergirl or Zod

Supergirl Injustice

Superman has the perfect set of moves. His strength and speed are perfectly balanced and with his throws, heat vision, super breath and powerful punches he’s got something for every scenario. It’ll be fantastic to include a character who has a similar set of attacks but with their stats tweaked. I’d prefer Supergirl, adjusted to have greater speed rather than strength to counter Superman, but General Zod would also be a crowd pleaser.

Black Canary

Black Canary Injustice

Ever since Chun-Li in Street Fighter II the trend has been towards making the female characters more speed focused than strength. Wonder Woman certainly breaks that typecast, but there is room for more! Bring in Black Canary, she can kick ass with the best of them. Her simple, raw fighting style would sit easily among characters like Batman, Joker and Green Arrow, plus her banshee screams would make for some cool special attacks.

Plastic Man

Plastic Man Injustice

Just think about it for a moment. He stretches. Think about it.

Talia al Ghul

Talia al Ghul Injustice

Sword, phenomenal martial arts abilities and a trained assassin? Check, check and check. Another character who would be an easy fit into the game. Aside from throwing knives she won’t have much in the way of projectile attacks, but I say they crank up her speed and make her a primarily close combat fighter. Someone who would make Flash sweat.

Red Hood

Red Hood Injustice

What this game needs is a really dirty fighter. Jason Todd, formally Robin, is a demented maniac who comes equipped with trenchcoat, guns and an endless supply of knives. He’s been trained by Batman, so he can fight, but where his mentor would hold back the Red Hood would slip a blade between your ribs. Red Hood would be perfectly equipped to be the ultimate misdirection fighter. You think he’s going for a kick but he’s already taken a shot.

John Contantine

John Constantine

The supernatural side of DC comics have been under-represented in this game, but it is all about the capes. Time to balance things out with Jon Constantine. Equip him with holy relics, guns and permanent cigarette, and with his one foot in the afterlife there’s no reason he can’t unleash some trapped demons or angels as part of his specials. Just the right character to add a bit of dark to the game.



Speaking of demons…this guy is like a wrecking ball. When in demon form Etrigan is a savage berserker with his physical build giving him good reach and powerful jumps. The fact that he can project hellfire would be a back-up to his flesh tearing claws.