Ten Things I Noticed While Watching ‘The Faculty’

  1. It’s been YEARS since I last watched this, I’m not expecting anything special. Yet even with the terrible late 90’s alt/pop soundtrack Jason Patrick is still pure gold.
  2. I wish that this depiction of school faculty politics wasn’t accurate, but the piss-ass amount of funds made available is disgusting. And most of it does wind up going to the department with the best PR.
  3. I hate it when the marketing department get free reign to create misleading advertisements for this movie. Either it’s because he’s the only black guy they can justifiably use to break up the six white main characters or it’s because he became a rap star. Either way, kinda rude bumping a main cast member for some one who’s #12 on the cast list. Although I guess Elijah Wood is 15th
  4. Try as you might I cannot accept Josh Hartnett playing a badass. The guy’s softer and whiter than a Kleenex soaking in bleach.
  5. Lol nice goatee John Stewart.
  6. Yeah, I’m not buying Josh Hartnett as a genius either.
  7. Good to see that the old lady from ‘The Shining’ managed to get more work.
  8. What the fuck, dude? You’re going into the school because your parents made you? Walk away!
  9. Please Elijah Wood, never play a drug user. This is seriously cringe worthy.
  10. Man, this is a shocking cover of Pink Floyd. I hope this band was put to death for this crime.