Ten Random Thoughts While Watching ‘Scream’

1. Lol they’re using videotapes. Whoa…the last time I watched this it was on a video. And the DVD upgrade really brings out the gore!

2. This opening scene is still effective, even though I had to do a shot-by-shot study of it while at uni. Nice one, Craven.

3. Whatever happened to Matt Lillard? Actually, I don’t really give a damn.

4. I don’t remember Jamie Kennedy being this annoying…but this really is an early prototype of the modern pop-geek stereotype. But yeah, stop with the funny voices.

5. So did Skeet Ulrich or Matt Lillard do the phone calls, or is it a voice actor? (Turns out to be dude named Roger Jackson, who plays ‘The Voice’ in all four movies and Robot Chicken, plays the weird noises made by ‘Sims’.)

6. Aw, the days of naivety about the internet. Yeah, you could totally text the police on your computer in 1996.

7. Nick Cave, you rock.

8. Every time I think that this the cast is working well together Skeet Ulrich shows up and ruins it.

9. The students at your school are in danger, so you send them home? Are you just trying to dodge liability because keeping them all in school where they’re supervised, there are dozens of police officers and camera crews capturing footage sounds much more sensible.

10. It’s Never Campbell’s birthday today? Wow, that’s weird.