‘Weeping Angels’ Micro-Figures

Over the past few years, one idea has been implanted in my mind. Left to its own devices that idea festered and grew before I could no longer ignore it: I should give Doctor Who a try. So I did. I got hooked. I shared this new interest with my wife, who also got hooked. For a short period of time my ever suffering students had to contend with me pointing a replica Sonic Screwdriver at them whenever they weren’t working.

Anyway, I’m getting off-topic. Recently we saw the amazing episode ‘Blink’ and now, like many others, we are terrified of statues. So when I saw these in a store, I had to buy them:

The subject of nightmares reduced to tiny, cute form is always a winner – hence plush Cthulhu lording over my CD collection. I bought a pack of five little abominations and headed home. I kept one in my pocket until the missus had momentarily glanced away, then placed it nearby.

I think it says a lot about the forgiving nature of my wife that she didn’t make me sleep on the couch for that one. Although she did insist that I ensure that they all face each other on the shelf. Being five of them, this proved tricky until I put Maggie on Weeping Angel duty.