Reading to your Geekling: ‘Crazy Hair’

When you tired of reading and re-reading ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ – and you will tire of it eventually – you’re going to be on the lookout for more reading materials for your kids. Something colourful, fun and…different. We’ve got a playroom full of books and most of them are brilliant but sometimes you really need something that has more words than the names of colours or household items. Luckily for geek parents everywhere, Neil Gaiman exists. And he has ‘Crazy Hair’!

Author of the seminal graphic novel series ‘The Sandman’ and adult fantasy novels ‘American Gods’ and ‘Stardust’, Gaiman isn’t above delving into children’s literature and we’re thankful for it (he also did a guest spot as himself on ‘Arthur’), this clever picture book is the story of a man with crazy hair. He meets Bonnie who insists on combing said hair while the man tries to explain what exactly lurks amid his headpiece. Full of great illustrations by Dave McKean and imaginative rhymes, it’s a stand-out in its field.

Take note though, not all of Gaiman’s works written for children are things you want to expose your geekling to. As much as I adore ‘The Dangerous Alphabet’ after one reading with Funk, Jr. I put it on a high shelf out of his reach.