Yeti Hunting Scientists Report Success! Wait, what?

For those not geeky enough to be following this story…the Russian mining town of Kemerovo (about 5000 kilometres east of Moscow) have been reporting an increased number of sightings of yetis in the region. So Russia has its own share of backwards yokels claiming it was aliens that raped their cattle, big deal right?

Not for a dedicated team of American and Russian cryptozoologists – scientists who study creatures that haven been proven to exist which sounds like an awesome thing to be paid to do – who set out from Kemerovo with the intention of finding the yeti on the 4th of this month. This morning they reported having found the creatures footprints, sleeping area and markers of its territory and state they are 95% certain the yeti exists. Their full report is right here (in Russian, so really I have no idea why I’m posting this).

I know plenty of people are going to be quick to Scully this report, but let’s just keep in mind a few simple facts:

The gorilla was considered a myth until 1902 (ape/man hybrids living in the jungle? Crazy talk!).

The giant panda was a myth until 1916, even in China.

Dismissed as myth, reports of live dinosaurs turned up the komodo dragon in 1926.

Giant squid only existed in the realm of fiction until 2004.

So let’s give these wacky cryptozoologists a chance, they may just turn 2011 into the year of the yeti!