‘You’ll Be Sorry When I’m Dead’ Book Review

Author: Marieke Hardy

Plot: A selection of autobiographical tales from the life of alternative media personality Marieke Hardy.

There are few people in the Australian media as interesting as Marieke Hardy. Whilst she cut her teeth as an actor and then a writer for mainstream fare such as ‘Neighbours’ and talking dog show ‘The Bob Morrison Show’, she’s now renowned for her alternative works including hosting the morning program on Triple J, ‘The First Tuesday Book Club’, a blogger (for which she has won major awards) and the co-writer of the series ‘Laid’.

Now she bestows upon is an autobiography of sorts – an anthology of stories (some beginning life as columns and expanded upon here) taken from throughout her life that for one reason or another she has felt compelled to write about. Regardless of the topic – and they range from the awkwardness of travelling with your parents whilst an adult and visiting Melbourne’s premiere swingers’ club – she does so with heartfelt honesty and genuine emotion.

This is an immensely funny book. Hardy sees humour in everyday situations and brings that humour across with a sharp wit, even when degrading herself. As a writer she gives the reader an insight into her deepest emotions and feelings on the events around her, leading to some poignant moments as she relives her friends diagnoses with breast cancer.

Hardy lives an unapologetically hedonistic lifestyle (something that seems to attract some downright nasty criticism around the internet, as I discovered) and will share with you the sheer enjoyment she gets from drinking and living life by the seat of the pants while seeing her friends and colleagues drift away in married, family life without a trace of regret or self-justification. She has a remarkably open and curious mind and it’s a treat to have someone in her position bring her tales and takes on life into the public sphere for us to enjoy.