‘Source Code’ DVD Review

Director: Duncan Jones

Starring: Jake Gyllenhaal, Vera Faminga, Michelle Monaghan, Jeffery Wright

Plot: A soldier is sent back into time to relive the eight minutes preceding a devastating terrorist attack again and again to find the people responsible for the bombing.

Review: Source Code is a movie that gives you food for thought about five minutes before closing the kitchen. The premise is without a doubt immensely interesting and gives plenty for movie buffs to chew on, but one leaves the cinema feeling like the movie cut the ideas short. The different ways the ‘Source Code’ technology impacts on the world, alternate dimensions and philosophical nature of the scenario gets given a mention but never completely follows through.

The addition of an over-extended emotional final act creates the sense that the film-makers have run out of ideas. We’re left with the focus on the boundless love Colter feels for a woman who he’s known for eight minutes (and who thinks he’s someone else) and a conflict with his father which we’re not privy to, ergo emotionally unattached. Director Jones seems to be posing questions to which he doesn’t completely understand the answer.

A few other niggling issues, such as a laughable performance from Jeffery Wright (I don’t know what he was going for, but I think he missed) annoy but don’t distract from the other, stronger performances and the over-all concept.

It may read that I’m getting down on the film, but I did enjoy it for the first 80 odd minutes, but the ending left it unsatisfying. It was the cinematic equivalent of sex without an orgasm.

SIX outta TEN