Booster Gold Heading to TV

SyFy channel has recently ordered scripts for a Booster Gold TV series. This comes way of producer Greg Berlanti (“No Ordinary Family”) and writer Andrew Keisberg (“Fringe”).

For those who don’t know, Booster Gold is Michael Jon Carter, a football all-star in the 25th century. After gambling his way out of the league, he was stuck playing  janitor at a superhero museum. Motivated by a strong desire to be popular and loved again, he steals some of the superhero equipment and uses a time machine to travel to the 21st Century. Armed with a very charming museum robot filling him in on 21st century information, Booster tries to make it as a bona fide superhero. Most recently, DC has spun his foolish behavior into a front covering up his competence in cleaning up problems in the time stream.

Booster isn’t the first DC hero to be rumored to be making his way to the small screen. Both Deadman and The Spectre have made their way to development hell. Syfy’s track record for turning small-budget/big concept TV serials into cult successes is pretty good. They certainly bring loads of charm and humor along with real drama and danger in the likes of Eureka and Warehouse 13. I don’t even think I need to bring up Battlestar Galactica.

Booster certainly fits the mold of recent procedural serials. He is charming and witty, but he still has a mess of issues he must deal with, his search for fame and fortune specifically, given that he has to stay hush-hush on his time-fighting crusades. If I had to see any actor don the yellow visor, it would be “Chuck’s” Ryan McPartlin, an actor who not only looks like a superhero but does the charming meathead with a lot of sincerity to a “T.” Here’s hoping for a Blue Beetle cameo.