Geek Legends: Paul Verhoeven

We have a new section for celebrating people who are geeks and also legends. We’re starting locally…

I was as befuddled as this hilarious kitty.

Many moons ago I was starting my morning the usual way – with the internet and Australian youth radio Triple J. On this particular morning sometime in 2009 they were talking to a chap named Paul Verhoeven. My first thought was “why is the director of such films as Robocop and Showgirls talking about lolcats on this radio”? The answer was not forthcoming, and I didn’t seek it out.

Many months passed and similar topics of discussion came up. It started to dawn on me that maybe – just maybe – this was a different Paul Verhoeven. Perhaps the director of Starship Troopers isn’t going on the radio every morning to discuss ‘World of Warcraft’ and ‘Doctor Who’ in an Australian accent for some reason. It turns out that my wild theory was right on the money – this was a DIFFERENT Paul Verhoeven – one who was pure geek.

Not pictured: a Dutch man directed exploitative cinema.

He was hosting a show called ‘Nerds of a Feather’ (later ‘World of Nerdcraft’) where he would bring to listeners all manner of geeky, gaming and science related news. His dry humour and unbridled passion of the topics had hand certainly gave him the charm required for morning radio, and he’s been a mainstay on the morning show ever since. He’s a Geek Legend not just because he’s a geek on the radio, but because he’s bringing geekdom to the masses and the mainstream without making us look like freaks. He’s an ambassador for the cool, hip geek culture that we are all part of. He teaches us about things discovered in space, which celebrities are gamers and gives us a great new website to look up each week (cough).

As well as hearing him on Triple J, he also hosts the oddball science show ‘Curiageous’ located HERE in which he investigates a range of interesting science topics and dresses like a hipster. We follow him on twitter because we like him.

Want to know why he's in a tube? Ask Triple J, I nicked it from their website.