The Best of Geekery!

Hello there! We’re at the end of November, marking another month of geeky goodness that we’ve seen, heard and ranted about! Just in case there’s some newcomers wandering bleary eyed onto the site, or regular readers coming out of a stupor and in need of a refresher, here’s the most hit articles of the past few weeks! Enjoy!

Needless to say, we talked about Batman a whole bunch and they were among our most viewed. Click below for the:

I reveal the clues about the next ‘Arkham’ video game and the Best Villains in the ‘Arkham’ games!

Jamie susses out the Best Batman Actor!

And Darknite looks at why we STILL Love Batman after all these years!

Plus the every popular Top Countdowns of the Best and the Lamest Batman Villains!

In other comic news – I pissed everyone off with my Superman is Boring article…

Meanwhile, in television and the movies.

Slamadam outlines what we need for a good Wonder Woman movie.

Randy no longer hates George Lucas and makes sense doing so.

The Ninja Turtles are lousy ninjas.

The Best 10 Actors who should play Doctor Who.

And Ten Random Thoughts while watching ‘The Prestige‘, which gets hit every day and I don’t know why.

Still the man.

In other Geekery…

The best children’s building blocks EVAR.

The 5 Reasons Not to Vaccinate Your Child – which was trolleriffic!

Why Gamers need to fix their public image and the games not helping.

I don't see an image problem...

Enjoy your reading, fellow geeks, and keep watching your screens!