‘The Inbetweeners Movie’ Review

Director: Ben Palmer

Starring: Simon Bird, James Buckley, Blake Harrison, Joe Thomas

Plot: After finally finishing high school (as covered in the three seasons of the television series), the four hopeless, randy teens head off to Greece to celebrate their new-found freedom.

Review: This needs to get gotten out of the way early: this movie isn’t going be of much interest to those who haven’t already watched the show. This isn’t the flimsy excuse that fanatics use to excuse the latest crap output from their beloved franchise (“it was really made for the fans of the book more than anything”), but more a heads up for those unfamiliar with the story thus far. It’s assumed that the viewer is already familiar with the characters, plot lines and running gags and it drops you right into this closing chapter.

Not that a closing chapter was needed as the final episode of the series did a pretty good job of that already, leaving the writers to backpedal on an established relationship between Simon and Carly in order to create new conflict. The feeling of there being a movie for the sake of having a movie quickly dissipates when the story gets into full swing. It’s a simple narrative with the characters seeking out female company whilst having a good time and getting on each others nerves. The introduction of four girls for them to interact with is the biggest success of the movie, with them each being well fleshed out and developed and creating genuine relationships with these four boys. The credibility does get a bit stretched if you stop and wonder why any girl would be interested in these horrible creeps, so it’s best not to think about for the sake of enjoying the movie.

Fans of the series with have an absolute blast. It picks up directly we it left off and provides the same crass, gross-out, cringe-worthy moments the show is famous for and wraps out the characters quite nicely. Plus Gilbert delivers the single greatest graduation speech in the history of everything. If you’re unfamiliar with Will, Simon, Neil and Jay it might be worth renting the first series and giving it a look simply because they characters are not exactly endearing and getting their most extreme behavior straight up might just put you off spending a whole movie with them.