6 Comic Book Movies I’d Like to See

This Geekery is brought to you by Jamie.

1. The Question

I would love to see a gritty noir-like version of Vic Sage’s journey as The Question and eventual passing on of the title to Renee Montoya. This could be a comic book movie that doesn’t seem like a comic book movie, with throwbacks to the 1940’s.

Who I Would Cast: Gabriel Macht as Vic Sage and Michelle Rodriguez as Renee Montoya

2. Batgirl

Let’s ignore Joel Schumacher’s version of Batgirl (even though I love Alicia) and think about this. I’d like to see  a more realistic movie about the unsuspecting heroine in gritty Gotham. Three Batgirls, three movies. I’d bring in Joss Whedon to write the dialogue and keep it a bit lighter than the Nolan trilogy, but still dark enough to be believable.

Who I Would Cast: Deborah Ann Woll as Barbara Gordon, Ellen Wong as Cassandra Cain, and Katie Cassidy as Stephanie Brown.

3. Vixen

This fabulous multicultural lady needs more love. Ex-supermodel and African citizen, Mari Jiwe McCabe would make an excellent superheroine. Not to mention she has the coolest power ever, she can mimic the abilities of any animal. Imagine the possibilities of that. No animals would be harmed in the making of this movie, of course.

Who I Would Cast: Gabrielle Union

4. Black Widow

I’d love to see a pre-Iron Man, pre-Avengers Black Widow. Almost all of the other Avengers have their own movie, so why shouldn’t she? With own movie, she would be able to show off her crazy spy talents a la Alias but even better. She could go up against the second Black Widow, Yelena Belova and the movie could end with Nick Fury recruiting her to SHIELD.

Who I Would Cast: Rachael Taylor as Yelena and Scarlett Johnasson reprising her role as Natasha Romanov.

5. Birds of Prey

I envision a Birds of Prey movie to be like Charlie’s Angels, but cooler. It could be an origin of sorts, with just the main three; Oracle, Black Canary, and Huntress. I could definitely imagine really cool gadgets, car chases, and martial arts fight scenes, all done with extreme girl power.

Who I Would Cast: Amy Adams as Oracle/Barbara Gordon, Yvonne Strahovski as Dinah/Black Canary, and Julia Voth as Huntress/Helena

6. Green Arrow/Black Canary

This one would be both a romance and an action movie. DC’s most famous power couple could go through the ups and down in their relationship while simultaneously fighting crime.

Who I Would Cast: Yvonne Strahovski as Dinah Lance/Black Canary and Joel Edgerton as Oliver Queen/Green Arrow.