Character Showdown: Bond vs Bourne

We have a new section! Every now and then we’re going to take two fictional characters and throw them into the metaphorical ring so we can pursue that most popular of geek hobbies – arguing about who would win! We’re not looking at who has the best movies or who is the better character, but could kick the other ones ass. Starting with a classic:



James Bond: Bond was raised in an upper class English family before a mountaineering accident left him an orphan. Details of his childhood are vague at best, but we know he was adopted by the government to be trained as an elite super spy. Bond rose to rank of Commander in the British Secret Service and has become one of their most valuable assets having completed numerous missions during and after the Cold War. His allegiance is to the crown and the crown only, his only link to real world, his wife, was murdered shortly after their wedding.

Jason Bourne: Even less is known about Bourne. A highly trained Navy Seal he volunteered himself for ‘Blackbrair’, an operation to create perfect assassins. With manipulated memories he was sent on many international missions to take out key figures around the globe until a failed mission left him with amnesia. With confused memories and the instinctive skills or a killer, Bourne has tried to move away from his old life.


Bond: 007 has a range of specialties within his agency. He’s proficient in mortal kombat, dangerous driving and advanced technology, but his real skills lie in marksmanship, gambling and oriental languages. His extensive field experience means he can remain cool under pressure.

Bourne: Also highly trained, but with an emphasis on the deadlier skill sets. Whilst Bond is trailed to infiltrate, Bourne is trained to kill. His major skills lie in being able to adapt to his situations.


Pictured: Weakness.

Bond: Bond has been part of the system his entire life, but is still a human. His attachment to the many ladies he encounters along the way often leaves him in a vulnerable position and his drive for revenge can override his sense of duty.

Bourne: His amnesia has left him in a muddled state, leaving him uncertain about who he can trust and what makes him a target, often leaving him on the defense more often than not.


Whilst James Bond has the greater legacy in the world of cinema there’s no getting around the fact that Jason Bourne is made to kill. Bond is heavily equipped with gadgets and the best technology available, but Bourne is able to improvise with whatever’s at hand, whether it be weapons, vehicles or a rolled up magazine and a pen. Both are trained in deadly combat skills, yet Bourne is a dirtier fighter and more often fights not to win, but to kill and whilst Bond is an expert marksman Bourne has shown that he can take out a marksman equipped with a high powered sniper rifle using a farmyard shotgun and the environment.

Result: First round of the House of Geekery Showdown goes to Jason Bourne!

Not that everyone is going to agree with this – which is why we have a comments section! Get in there and discuss!