Showdown: Hanna vs Hit-Girl

Hired killers and psychotic vigilantes have become commonplace on our cinema screens. It’s almost a given that when a person has been wronged the normal response will be a kill-crazy rampage, ending dozens of lives and causing untold collateral damage in their quest for justice. It takes a really unlikely hero for the audience to snap out of their popcorn induced comas to take notice of something being amiss. In recent years we’ve seen two very unlikely killing machines – both young girls – tear up the screens, leading to the logical response: deciding who would win in a fight!


Hanna (Plot twists revealed): Hanna was raised in isolation by her father, a former CIA operative. They lived together in the wilderness of Finland where they survived of the land, completely off the grid. Hanna was trained by her father is advanced hand-to-hand combat, hunting and gun play with an emphasis on being able to adapt to ones surroundings. Once unleashed in the real world Hanna proved that her training had paid off and she was able to handle herself in the field, ruthlessly taking out trained CIA agents and going on the run. Later she discovers that she’s part of a genetic experiment to enhance strength, stamina and reflexes whilst suppressing fear and empathy.

Hit-Girl: Like Hanna Hit-Girl was raised and trained to kill by her father. Formally a police officer whose wife was murdered by the mob, he vowed revenge and created superhero identities for himself (Big Daddy) and his daughter Mindy (Hit-Girl). Although she was brought up in an urban environment she had little contact with other people, spending her time being trained to fight hand-to-hand, with a range of weapons and firearms. She has basic mechanical know-how and some espionage skills and can adapt her combat techniques to a range of scenarios. When her father is murdered by the mob, she assaults their head-quarters and almost single handedly takes them all down.


Hanna: As stated above Hanna is highly skilled in a range of close-quarters combat techniques. She is also highly capable with guns and other distance based weapons such as bows. Hanna doesn’t seem to have a particular preference for her weapons, using whatever is at hand. Regardless of her scenario Hanna tends to take a direct confrontational approach.

Hit-Girl: Like Hanna, Hit-Girl is well versed in a wide range of weapons. She does demonstrate a preference for butterfly knives, pistols and Japanese swords. Hit-Girl is able to attack her foes directly, or use stealth and disguise to defeat her opponents.


Hanna: Hanna is very out of touch with modern day life and the technology it uses. She has been seen to be confused by televisions, electric lights and phones. She is unable to emphasize with people who cross her path, and is seemingly unable to go ‘off-mission’.

Hit-Girl: Although trained as a killer, Hit-Girl is not a complete sociopath and is governed by her emotions. Her actions can be driven by fear or rage which can, on occasion, drive her forward but can also incapacitate her ability to fight back.

The Result: Given their similar skill sets and ability, this is a tough one to call. If, for some reason, Hit-Girl finds herself lost in the wilderness of Finland she’s not going to have a hope and similarly a showdown in a city will give her the edge. Put them on an even playing field, however, and you’ll looking at a long, drawn out bout of combat. Eventually Hit-Girl wins out as her increased rage at the emotionless Hanna pushes her to make the killing blow.


"I'd wask if you wanna play, but I already fucked you up."

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