Character Showdown #2: ‘Cloverfield’ vs Godzilla

The REAL clash of the Titans! CLOVERFIELD vs GODZILLA!


Cloverfield: During the final scene of Cloverfield an object can be seen in the background falling towards the water, so we can presume that whatever the hell this thing is, it’s alien in origin. Aside from that, no idea.

Godzilla: The mighty lizard is prehistoric in origin, having been lurking unseen for many centuries, before nuclear detonations caused him to mutant. Godzilla has become a giant monster with a range of attributes that has been used to crush many a city.


Cloverfield: This monster does demonstrate the ability to plan his attacks rather than just go on kill crazy rampages. Taking out boats and bridges before taking on the city itself, the beast is well equipped to attack on a range of levels. It’s immense strength, parasitic spider creatures and poisonous bites allow it knock down buildings just as easily as it can wipe out ground troops. Whilst not especially fast moving, Cloverfield is amphibious.

Godzilla: Godzilla on the other hand matches Cloverfield in strength and size. In addition he can move quicker, swim very fast, unleash radioactive fire breath, electromagnetic pulses, is extremely resilient to harm and heals at a rapid rate.


Cloverfield: Cloverfield’s weaknesses are not addressed in any media, and it seems to be impervious to conventional military hardware. As the movie is presented as a ‘found footage’ one can assume that Cloverfield was eventually defeated as the military has begun debriefing.

Godzilla: The giant lizard is able to absorb almost anything thrown at him, but extremely high voltage electricity is enough to give him pause. Any other attacks that have had an impact on him have been over-come by his rapid healing.


Cloverfield is strong and tough, but having only close range attacks that Godzilla would notice, is left wide open to Godzilla’s fiery radioactive breath. Even when Cloverfield manages to get close enough to land some attacks, Godzilla is strong enough to take them and heal rapidly. It won’t be easy for him, but Godzilla will eventually win out.