Christmas Showdown! The Grinch vs Jack Skellington

Christmas is here! No doubt your christmas trees are surrounded by tightly wrapped blu-rays, gadgets, video games and other geekly delights. Soon we will be sharing in goodwill, big meals and family togetherness. But let’s not forget that other tradition…the one that turns up at every family gathering…FIGHTING! CHRISTMAS BATTLE TIME!



The Grinch: The Grinch is an unpleasant creature with a heart that’s two sizes two small, and has spent his life lurking in a cave like a hermit outside of Whosville. Nothing else is known about the Grinch, or how he came to live in his cave. All is known is that he resents the people living below and gets annoyed by their happiness. He does, however, have company in the form of Max, his dog.

Jack Skellington: Jack is a living, thinking skeleton who is the ruler of Halloween town, where him and the residents spend the year planning for the next Halloween to come around. Although Jack has proven himself to be the scariest denizen in the town, he grew weary with his post and wanted to bring Christmas to the world instead – which turned out to be a macabre affair.


The Grinch: The Grinch is a devious character. Rather than direct confrontation he sneaks around and steals things, something he proves quite successful at. Obviously a stealth class warrior, then.

Jack: Although spindly, Jack can scare the living daylights out of anyone who crosses his path. Scientific knowledge and skills allow him to concoct weapons and gadgets to assist him in combat. His battle against Oogie Boogie also shows him to be extremely agile and cool under pressure. And lest we forget, he is already a living dead and can decapitate himself to recite ‘Shakespearean quotations’ without suffering any harm.


Glee Club for life!

Grinch: Although the Grinch is a nasty sort, all it takes is a song and he’ll give himself up.

Jack: Like the Grinch, Jack is a softie at heart as he just wants to spread joy and cheer to children. It just happens that he’s a monster.

The Result

The Grinch sneaks his way into Halloween town to take Jack by surprise, but gets distracted by the locales singing about their day. Jack Skellington then frightens him to death. Jack remains the horrible King of Christmas!