What Geeks Have to Look Forward to in 2012!

This bout of anticipation comes from DARKNITE!

2011 gave us a lot to reflect on and remember, but we can do that later once we get to 2012! Whereas all the normal people in the world see this as another year to not go through with their resolution to lose weight, we as lovers of popular culture see it as an exciting opportunity to experience new things coming out for us. So here our what I think we as geeks have to look forward to next year.

The Dark Knight Rises: I know I’m as surprised as you are to see this on here. In 2005 Christopher Nolan reignited a film franchise some thought to be dead in the water and transformed it into one of the most critical and financially successful movie sagas of all time. And now a time has come that we all knew was on it’s way and he is leaving behind the character he breathed new cinematic life into, but not without giving it a bang to end on. Touting it as a definitive end for the character and the story audiences can only wait with bated breath as he plays things close to chest (in usual Nolan style).

The Avengers: Another obvious entry to this list. Being helmed by geek god Joss Whedon, all the Marvel heroes we have seen parade across the screen since 2008 finally come together in the event that has been promised to us since Iron Man. Little known about the plot aside from the fact that Loki does something BIG which brings the group together for the first time. With Whedon’s skill with ensemble pieces, the most beloved Marvel characters together for the first time, and Samuel L. Jackson, how can you not be looking forward to this one?

Batman and the Council of Owls: If you have been reading Scott Snyder’s and Greg Capullo’s Batman run (and if you haven’t quit reading now and go to your local comic shop to fix this) you know it has all the makings of a classic Batman tale; and at it’s heart is a conspiracy laden mystery driven by the discovery of the Council of Owls. Alluded to way back when Snyder was writing Detective, this is a supposedly mythic organization that has run Gotham for centuries, only the Dark Knight has found them to be not so mythic. So far we know very little about this cabal that is making Batman doubt his knowledge of his city but come 2012 I’m sure there will be plenty of new secrets to be revealed.

Amazing Spiderman: To say the least the prospect of this movie has been divisive among fans. Many do not see the need for a reboot so soon, and an underwhelming trailer supported this idea. But even doubters have to admit that Andrew Garfield is the perfect choice to take on the role of everyone’s favorite Webslinger and Marc Webb has plenty of cred from (500) Days of Summer. Only time will tell if this reboot was worth it all.

Mark Waid on Daredevil:  For far too long this beloved cult super hero has had it rougher than any character around, and has become quite a downer because of it. Fortunately legendary comic scribe Mark Waid along with the skilled pencils of Marcos Martin have turned Daredevil around for the better and breathed new life into him, the result has been one of the best comics being published right now. But lurking beneath it all is Waid’s tension filled relationship with Marvel throughout the years and many fear that once again the company will anger him to the point of leaving the book but until then we can enjoy every single panel of this wonderful series.

Diablo 3: One of the most beloved game franchises ever will finally be back. Gaming giants Blizzard is wisely tying this game to their already popular World of Warcraft series in hopes of not only exciting old fans but bringing in new ones.

Doctor Who Series 7: The Ponds leaving?! Only one more year until the 50th anniversary?! Not coming out until the fall?! Since the skilled hands of Stephen Moffat took over the beloved science fiction/fantasy series it has been a nonstop thrill ride through time and space with the Eleventh Doctor played by the brilliant Matt Smith.  Now he is promising to not only get rid of beloved companions, Amy and Rory Pond but there will be no two parters on a show known for cliffhangers. How will this effect the beloved show, we have to wait until next fall.

End of the World: That’s right everybody the Mayans predicted it and I’m sticking with it. I’m not buying anyone Christmas presents for starters and December 20, 20120 all day party at my place! This is event we’ve seen so many times on film, television, and every other medium out there so now we get to finally see the real thing, are you as stoked as I am!?