Showdown: Lisbeth ‘Wasp’ Salander vs Kate ‘Acid Burn’ Libby

Welcome to our weekly Character Showdown! With the recent release of the Fincher’s The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo we’ve decided to pit in battle the dangerously Swedish Lisbeth ‘Girl With Dragon Tattoo’ Salander aka: Wasp (played by Rooney Mara and Noomi Rapace) against old school hacker Kate Libby aka Acid Burn (played by Aneglina Jolie)! Let the best hacker win!


Lisbeth: Lisbeth comes from a disturbed background. Not wanting to spoil things for people who haven’t seen the Swedish adaptations or read the books, let’s just say that things started bad and ended worse, with the mother of all father issues (if that makes sense). Spending much of her childhood in foster care that qualified as actual torture she became a sociopath with a particular grudge against men who abuse women. As a young adult she spends much of her time online wanting to left alone.

Kate: Kate comes from a privileged home in California, and from all appearances had a very comfortable and entitled upbringing. Running with the cool crowd as a high school student she also passes the time having fun with her natural hacking and video game skills.



She may also be able to produce ultra-violet light.

Lisbeth: Lisbeth possesses an uncanny ability to infiltrate secure software and online systems, bolstered by her photographic memory. This ability extents to the use of a wide range of surveillance technologies. Although small and slight in stature she has shown herself to be a deadly fighter when cornered mostly due to her recklessness and total lack of mercy for her attackers. When needed she’s been able to take herself of the grid and change her identity.

Kate: She has a natural ability to hack computer systems, that she primarily uses for her own entertainment. In addition she is highly skilled with mid-nineties video games, especially Wipeout. Her other skill of note is rollerblading.



"Unorthodox how?"

Lisbeth: Often has trouble dealing with other people, usually because of her small size and unorthodox appearance. When this causes her problems she can lose her temper but often resolves her conflicts through hacking. Lisbeth is also forced to work alone as she is to stubborn to accept help.

Kate: Basic human weaknesses, also a bit of a bitch.


In order to work to the opponents strengths, this battle is staged in cyber-space. They will prove their worth by competing to take over programming at a local television station. Whilst Acid Burn works tirelessly to over-ride Lisbeth’s attempts to replay old episodes of ‘The Outer Limits’, she fails to notice that she has been, in fact, battling with a rudimentary hacking problem cobbled together by Lisbeth. Lisbeth meanwhile has tracked her location, headed over on a stolen motorbike, crept up behind her and bludgeoned her with a golf club.

Unsurprisingly – match to LISBETH SALANDER!