Comic Review: (The New 52) Justice League #3 & #4

Story: Geoff Johns
Art: Jim Lee
Colours: Alex Sinclair with Gabe Eltaeb
Inker: Scott Williams
Letters: Patrick Brosseau

Review: Being that I am a pretty huge fan of the Justice League it was a given that I’d be picking up the New 52’s of the title. Now the first two issues rebooted the series, rebooted it from scratch. There was no Justice League and the characters were strangers to each other and a great number of them hadn’t even met yet, with another getting an origin piece.

The first two issues (my reviews here) were a great read, very exciting with a lot of set-up for something epic. However I think Issue #3 dropped the ball, and instead of keeping up the excitement, some of the characters became a little annoying and the suspense of it all was really let go. However the introduction of Wonder Woman was well handled and her ‘fish out of water’ aspect was entertaining. I think the weak elements were the story and what to do with the characters and how to introduce them and make them work together as a team. Geoff Johns struggled I think, however Jim Lee’s art was top notch and his Wonder Woman still remains such a fantastic sight.

Issue #4 continued a bit with the annoyance of characters, what was up with Green Lantern? However Aquaman showed up and he wasn’t playing around, the Aquaman you want to make fun of – this is not him! He is one badass mofo and a definite welcome addition, I loved his entrance as teased in #3 and it played off rather well. We also have the development of Cyborg, Victor Stone is a teenager and an accident causes his father to take drastic action in order to keep him alive. This on going sub-plot has been fantastic and a certain strong aspect of the series so far. He has now met our heroes and is looking to be perhaps the most interesting and developed of the characters in this particular run.

However and spoilers will follow, you have been warned. Our danger was revealed, what was causing all the trouble and bringing our heroes together? What could possibly be so dangerous that it threatens the very existence of Earth? If you guessed Darkseid than you would be correct! Holy cow, as I turned those pages to reveal Darkseid I was almost shaking. Yes I had a feeling it might be him but actually seeing it, and seeing it with Jim Lee’s spectacular art was intense! The anticipation for Issue #5 is high and the story is bound to really kick off from here on out. I can’t wait, and this has the potential to be a strong series and this first run could be epic.

Issue #3 Rating: 3.5/5

Issue #4 Rating: 4.5/5

I’ll be reviewing Issue #5 soon …. stay tuned

by SuperMarcey