Comic Review: (The New 52) Justice League #1 & #2

Story: Geoff Johns
Art: Jim Lee
Colours: Alex Sinclair
Letters: Patrick Brosseau

Review: Unless you have been living under a rock lately, you would know that DC decided to reboot their entire comics series and have 52 new titles. Whatever was currently running was coming to an end and 52 new series would start, forming their own continuities.

One title I was quite keen to read was the new Justice League, with the start of this run being written by Geoff Johns with art by Jim Lee. I admire these two men, and their pairing for this seemed the right way to go. I picked up issues #1 and #2 to get a feel and see if this was a series I wanted to read on going. I am happy to report that it is!

The first issue focuses on a new threat, something so epic that it cannot be fought alone. This obviously is going to bring a team together, so we first meet Batman whose battles brings him face to face with Green Lantern. From their behaviour and exchange it is clear these men aren’t working together and are at odds. This is where you notice this first story arc is going to concentrate on bringing the league together. You might be thinking, why bother? Well with the new 52, the individual characters have changed and the dynamics are going to be different. The new 52 is such a great chance for DC is grab new readers, so giving the Justice League a solid origin is a great idea. The first issue establishes that, while having a storyline and successful introductions.

The second issue does much the same, it expands upon the dangerous enemy and the understanding that one person or being cannot defeat this alone. We also have a cleverly placed sub-plot involving Cyborg who hasn’t actually become Cyborg yet. Batman and Green Lantern find clues to their new enemy, which leads them to Superman, and of course the heroes are all at odds. The issue leaves off with the promise of another introduction. In all it is again well written, establishes characters and expands the situation. Johns is quite clever with what he has done, and he understands how the origin story works. Lee’s art is fabulous; I was really impressed with how he handled it. In both issues it is quite fantastic and worth giving them both another read through just to take in his art.

In all I’d highly recommend both issues, a great way to get re-introduced to the league and a great introduction for those who aren’t familiar. This is one of the stronger titles I have read from the reboot and it will be in my monthly reading from here in out.

Issue #1 Rating:

Issue #2 Rating: 4.5/5

I’ll be reviewing Issue #3 soon …. stay tuned

by SuperMarcey