‘Your Highness’ DVD Review

Director: David Gordon Green

Starring: Danny McBride, James Franco, Natalie Portman

Plot: A useless, stoned, vulgar prince is envious of his brother being treated like a hero (possibly due to him being a hero). In spite of this he has to be forced to take on a quest to become a hero himself.

Review: I don’t know who Danny McBride is. He looks familiar and I’ve heard his name mentioned, but I couldn’t tell you anything about him. Because of this I did a quick look on imdb.com and discovered two things. Firstly, this movie came about from a game McBride likes to play in which he’s given a title and comes up with a movie plot to go with it. In this case the plot was ‘a knight gets stoned and fights dragons’ – although I suspect he’s answers are always going to be ‘BLANK gets stoned and BLANKS BLANKS’.

Half this image is worthy of Oscars, apparently.

The second thing I learned is that in defiance of Ben Best be credited with writing a script for this movie, the actors claimed that they never had a script on set and instead ad-libbed everything. This would explain why all the dialogue was terrible. It also says quite a bit about Danny McBride and what he finds funny, as there are only three jokes in the movie.

These are the three things McBride finds funny:

1. Swear words, spoken with extra emphasis to heighten the humour.

2. Penises.

3. Rape. And in one special case, the molestation of a minor.

"This scene needs more penis. And another rape."

I didn’t laugh during this movie. Literally, not one single ‘joke’ in the movie was good enough to raise a chuckle. It wasn’t a poorly made movie – the cinematography and whatnot is basic but good enough to earn a pass, but this is a comedy and comedies hinge of being able to make you laugh. The only people who will find this funny are people who haven’t hit puberty yet, and they’re too young to rent it. The only other people who might get it out are those desperate to see Natalie Portman’s butt and haven’t worked out what the internet does yet.

TWO outta TEN


Portman takes careful aim at her agent.