You Need To Meet Their Mother. Right Now.

The week that the House of Geekery launched coincided with the seventh season of ‘How I Met Your Mother’ starting. At the time I wrote an article about why they needed to start wrapping up the story and quickly. You can read about it right here: Just Meet Their Freaking Mother Already!

So I just watched the 16th episode of this season and what has changed? Fuck all. The story has not progressed in the slightest. They started with a tease about a wedding and since then they’ve meandered around a few relationships which have already reset back to their usual positions. Even when Robin looked as though she was about to enter a new level of a relationship with Kevin we someone wound up back at the very beginning of the entire series six and half years earlier.

Ted confessed his love for Robin. Again.

Even Barney is bored by this news and he's been getting laid the whole time.

Why are you doing this to us? It was stated very clearly in the first episode that Robin is NOT their mother. It has also been established that Robin can not and will not have kids, making the entire set up of Ted telling the story to his kids moot if this was the ultimate path they wanted to take. They have done Ted falling in love with Robin, they have done Ted and Robin dating and they have already done Ted and Robin getting back together. There is absolutely no reason to retread this ground.

"Let's toast to our bulging wallets!"

This is what it entails – padding. The series has been renewed for several years and not wanting to let go of a sure thing the writers have just stuck in any old idea that will extend the running time a bit longer because they are well out of ideas. This “new” relationship is not going anywhere and we’re not interested in watching it not go anywhere. At this point in the show we are unequivocally uninterested in anything that isn’t going to advance the main story.

Ted has to meet his future wife now. Next episode. I don’t care if Robin throws him off that roof and he lands on her. I don’t care if he wakes up after being black out drunk in a Vegas hotel room with a transvestite who turns out to be his future wife. This story needs to be wrapping up and it needs to happen now or this massively popular sitcom is going to burn out and be remembered as another show that dragged out longer than it should have. If you really want to keep the show running for longer then open up the gold mine of material that could come from Ted trying to court his future wife who, for some reason, won’t date him. Or Lily hates her. Or she’s about to move away forcing Ted to make a life-changing decisions.

For one thing these kids would've retired from acting.

There’s plenty to say about this subject – why revisit a story that’s got nothing new to say? There’s only a few episodes left in this season, if we don’t have some indication of closure by then I am out. Boom. Finito. Over. And I can tell you now that I won’t be the only one.