‘Youth in Revolt’ Movie Review

Director: Miquel Arteta

Cast: Micahel Cera, Portia Doubleday, Jean Smart

Plot: Desperate virgin Nick Twisp employs an anachronistic alter ego to try and boost his chances with girls.

Review: If there’s one thing working against this indie comedy, it’s the cover art. Seriously, it looks bad for a straight to video movie from the ’80s. Nobody is going to pick this up on a whim.

Putting that aside, it’s a kooky, fun comedy that exists in some bizzare world between American Pie and Fight Club. Michael Cera stars as Nick Twisp, disenchanted nerdy youth who can’t get laid. In order to achieve this goal and get into the bed of the prickly Sheni he creates an evil alter-ego name Francious Dillinger who sends Twisp on a path of destruction, drugs and lunacy. Whilst Twisp is the typical Cera typecast, his performance as Dillinger is a step far, far to the left of centre and finally gives him the chance to show off some range, and lets to the movies best moments.

What doesn’t work in the film is how forced it feels. It tries really hard to shed Cera’s effeminate, wet blanket image (opening the film with him having a wank), tries really hard to be quotable to hipsters (printing quotes on the DVD case), tries really hard to be kooky and indie with cameos from actors like Buscemi and Long plus occasional stints of animation. In the end everything feels as though they’re trying so damn hard that the film would’ve been better if they’d relaxed and had more fun with it.

Score: SIX outta TEN