Websites We Like: How It Should Have Ended

Superman, Batman and Ironman talk How Ironman Should Have Ended

By Appa the Gypsy

In your travels through the wondrous virtual world that is the internet, we often come across some weird stuff. No arguments here. But sometimes you come across something really and truly awesome. For me, discovering How It Should Have Ended was one of those times for me.

HISHE is a youtube channel that broadcasts animated videos depicting how the makers think various movies should have ended, including Captain America, Spiderman Three, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, the Matrix, and The Dark Knight.

These videos are well-made animations with clever scripts, and some really great imitations of the actors in the original movies. Definitely worth the five minutes or so it takes to get addicted, and the followed hour or so it takes to watch all the videos that most interest you.

For those of you who haven’t discovered How It Should Have Ended, I’ve collected some of my favourite videos for your perusal, starting with my personal favourite, ‘How Lord of the Rings Should Have Ended’.

Favourite moment? “Can you imagine what it would be like if we’d walked the entire way?!”, “Yeah! One of us might have died!”

‘How The Empire Strikes Back Should Have Ended’

Favourite moment? The Han Solo shot first joke after credits. Cyber high five if you get it. Cyber bitch slap if you don’t!

‘How Ironman Should Have Ended’

Favourite moment?

Superman: ‘Oh, I’m Bruce Wayne and I like you. Let me tell you my big secret!’

Batman: “Oh, you’re one to talk, Mr. Mind Eraser!”

‘How Harry Potter Should Have Ended’

Favourite moment? “YOU SHALL NOT PASS!!!!”… “That’s pretty harsh. Classes haven’t even started yet!”

And finally, ‘Terminator – How It Should End’

Favourite moment? Umm… only the whole video! Maybe not as funny as some of the others, but still just pure awesomeness. Seriously. Watch it.

And then watch the whole freaking channel.