Top 10 Moments from ‘The Muppets’

When The Muppets hit cinemas we published a review. Now that the film has arrived on Blu-Ray the standard procedure would be to revisit the film and write an updated review. As Funk Jr. is an avid fan of The Muppets I have revisited the film dozens of times and opinion from the first viewing has not changed. But to celebrate the release of this awesome example of family entertainment we will count down the ten best moments of The Muppets!

Rather than just highlight the big scenes, we’ve highlighted the little moments that cause us to smile every time.

Bonus Entry: Best Bit From the Trailers

The spoof trailers were awesome, but credit must be given to this moment that wound up on the cutting room floor. When in prison for staging a fake Academy Awards, the prison guard asks for ‘The Muppets’ to come forward. Danny Trejo tries to pass himself of as a Muppet. Danny Trejo is this guy:

10. Miss Piggy Reacts to Muppet Man

It was already a well handled bit of physical comedy, and a classic gag, but it gets over-shadowed by Miss Piggy’s reaction to having been tricked.


9. 80s Robot Uses Him Modem

Obviously a joke for the audience members who are here for the nostalgic. That god-awful, grating, ear raping sequel that had to be endured every time we wanted access to our precious internet. 80s Robot is pretty rad at the best of times, but this nails it.

8. “Is that Dave Grohl?”

The movie is riddled with great celebrity cameos, but we can’t give them all a spot. This one – subtly played out mostly in the background of a scene this one was one of the most surprising yet obvious choices.

After Nirvana Krist Novoselic became a politician and Dave Grohl became...a Moopet.

7. Uncle Deadly Stands Up to Tex Richman

“It’s an idiom you idiot!”

Also – the scene where Uncle Deadly and Bobo suddenly realize that they’re working for the bad guy.

6. ‘Fuck You’

When the opening chords of Cee Lo Green’s extremely not child appropriate song started playing in the middle of the Muppet Telethon I was convinced that I’d had a stroke and it wasn’t really happening. As always The Muppets had the last laugh…

5. The Second Greatest Gift in the World

I just love the way Kermit’s mind works…

“You give people the greatest gift in the world!”


“No, the other greatest gift!”


4. Life’s a Happy Song

A great introductory number that sets the tone the rest of the film and provides plenty of laughs. Best line: “Life’s a fillet of fish, hey!”

“…Yes it is.”

3. A Montage!

After re-recruiting Fozzie and Gonzo Kermit’s chauffeur the 80’s Robot makes a suggestion – they seek out the rest of the Muppets using a montage! Clever, funny and in the spirit of The Muppets’ meta approach to film-making. The sequence is packed full of fun moments such as Beaker and Dr. Honeydew working on the Hadron Collider and Sam the Eagle hosting ‘Everything Stinks’ on what is unmistakeably a Fox parody.

2. Walter as a Human

Spoiler Protected.

‘Man or a Muppet’ is undoubtedly one of the best musical numbers in the film, with ‘Conchord’ Brett Mackenzie rightly being awarded an Oscar for his efforts. Seeing what Jason Segal looks like as a Muppet was worthy of a giggle, but when the human version of Walter first appeared? I still haven’t stopped laughing. If you don’t know who the cameo is by, don’t find out until you see it for yourself.

1. The Muppets Join Onstage for ‘Rainbow Connection’

No I’m not crying you’re the one who’s crying SHUDDUP.